Jessa Duggar Seewald Publicly Denounces Brother Josh: Family Splitting?

Jessa Duggar Seewald was once a victim of her brother Josh’s molestation, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. However, she was able to forgive him and quick to defend him, describing him as a ” boy in puberty who got a little too curious” and said he was “not a rapist or a molester or a pedophile” when interviewed by Megyn Kelly. Jessa, quite pregnant with her first child, had been rather outspoken about forgiveness, posting Bible verses on Instagram that urged forgiveness.

And then a second scandal involving Josh Duggar broke within months of the molestation charge and TLC taking 19 Kids And Counting off the air due to the sexual molestation that Josh Duggar committed against five girls at age fifteen. During the hack of Ashley Madison, a website that caters to married people wanting to have secret affairs, it was revealed that Josh Duggar had not only had an account, but had been unfaithful to his pregnant wife, Anna, with whom he now has four children. He reportedly cheated on her twice with an adult sex industry actress whom he paid $1500 and who described the sex as “rough and terrifying.”

In light of the scandal, Josh has checked into a Christian rehabilitation center, presumably for sexual addiction, while his wife Anna is left with four children and a shattered marriage. Sources say the Duggars have been very supportive of Anna, but some sources denounce the fact that the Duggars urge her to stay with Josh.

Jessa Duggar, however, seems to be breaking rank. Initially stunned but supportive, reality seems to have set in as Jessa’s father-in-law, Michael Seewald, publicly denounced Josh’s claims to be a Christian, as reported by People.

“In commenting on this I do not wish to add any more distress to a family still recovering from the indignity of the publication of a police report detailing Josh’s sins as a teenager. Though I have never gotten to know Josh very well, I have great respect for his sorrowing parents and immense sympathy for his dear wife Anna and their four children. I myself have been mourning over the irreparable damage that has been done to many by this whole circumstance, yet the reason I feel obliged to make these remarks is an overwhelming desire to vindicate the name of God.”

While a Duggar spokesperson refused to comment on the statement, according to People, Jessa shared the post on her Facebook page written by her father-in-law, and her husband Ben re-tweeted the link to his father’s statements. It is unknown if Jessa is communicating with Josh while he is in rehab.

[Photo by Mike Johnston/AP]