WWE Rumors: Mid-Card Star And Tag Team Forming New Heel Stable

When a few superstars end up in mid-card or lower card limbo, there needs to be something done to rejuvenate their careers. For a while, Stardust seemed to be building toward big things, but he’s fallen into nothing. The Ascension ruled the NXT roster for a long time, but have done virtually nothing since hitting the WWE main roster. Now, it appears as if WWE is partnering them all together to form a new heel stable.

According to the SmackDown spoilers from Wrestling Inc., Stardust went to the ring for yet another match with Neville. The fans were in for a good match, but it never actually got the chance to get going.

Neville got to ringside and before he could get into the ring, he was attacked by The Ascension. Reports had the tag team coming out of nowhere and just laying out Neville and siding with Stardust.

UPDATE: After SmackDown aired on Thursday night, it was revealed that the new stable consisting of Stardust and The Ascension will be called “Cosmic Wasteland.”

Stardust had been really relevant early this year when he partnered with his brother Goldust and were a very successful tag team. Then, they split and feuded for a little while before Stardust moved onto his feud with Stephen Amell of Arrow.

wwe summerslam arrows tag

That led to a match with Stardust and King Barrett taking on Amell and Neville. The face team picked up the win at SummerSlam, and the feud between Stardust and Neville has appeared to continue.

As for The Ascension, they joined the main roster at the end of 2014, and have done really nothing since. Their success in NXT really hasn’t carried over to WWE, and they’ve been involved in nothing feuds or built up as jobbers.

wwe rumors the ascension stardust

Aligning them with Stardust works in a number of ways for all of those involved. With Stardust as the leader of this new stable, it could really solidify his position as a heel. As for The Ascension, this could actually make them stop being the joke of the tag team division.

WWE could sell The Ascension as a couple of guys who just do his bidding and beat down anyone they see. The new stable partnership also makes sense as all three guys are some painted-face freaks.

Oddly enough, just about a week ago, a user on Reddit posted that Stardust should recruit The Ascension to do some crazy promos and make Stardust a more legitimate heel. Kind of interesting to think if the poster “TalboytYancysleady” knew anything of what was to come.

There’s no real telling yet where the partnership between Stardust and The Ascension will end up going, but it’s an interesting one. Maybe more will be known about the new heel stable by the time SmackDown airs on Thursday night.

[Images via WWE]