Natalie Amyot Hoax: Video Of French Tourist Searching For Man From One Night Stand Pregnancy Created By Marketing Firm

A video of a purported French tourist, 26-year-old Natalie Amyot, went viral with over 1 million views after the woman claimed that she got pregnant during a one night stand in Australia and was in desperate search of her baby’s father. However, Natalie disclosed today that the whole thing was one big marketing ploy.

The Brisbane Times reports that the viral video uploaded by the alleged French tourist Natalie Amyot was all one big hoax. In the original viral video, Natalia claimed that she took a three-month vacation to Australia. She goes on to say that she spent her last night at Mooloolaba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. While enjoying her last night at an Irish bar, Natalie says she met a “really cute” guy and spent the night hanging out with him before spending the night with him. She was scheduled to fly out the next day so got the man’s phone number and said farewell. However, Natalie says she later lost her cellphone along with the mystery man’s phone number. Six weeks after returning home, Natalie says she found out she was pregnant and set out on a mission to find the man from her one night stand.

In order to track him down, Amyot went back to Australia and created a video asking anyone who may know the man to please reach out to her so she can make contact with him as she has no real family of her own. After the video was uploaded, it was shared heavily on social media and garnered over 1 million views. Many viewers were skeptical of Natalie’s story, while others offered her words of support and encouragement. You can watch the full original video below.

However, it seems the naysayers were correct about Natalie’s unbelievable story. Natalie Amyot uploaded a new video today titled, “I found him” that disclosed the real reason she uploaded the now viral video.

In the newly uploaded “I found him” video, Natalie blows her cover and introduces viral video marketer Andy Sellar. The man discloses to the public that Natalie did not really fall pregnant during a one night stand in Mooloolaba, but was just an actress hired for their video marketing plan to put Mooloolaba on the map.

Sellar says he knows some people will be upset to learn that the whole thing was a marketing ploy, but says no one should be mad at “Natalie” as she was just an actress and he was the one handling all of the social media accounts and responses. Sellar says that the video was created to start dialogue about Mooloolaba.

What do you think about the Natalie Amyot viral video hoax?

[Image Credit: Youtube]