McDonald’s Is Offering Breakfast All Day Long Nationwide

In a massive menu overhaul, the McDonald’s food chain will start offering breakfast food options all day long across the United States starting October 6 of this year. McDonald’s tested the ongoing breakfast menu in a few select locations since March and has officially decided to undertake one of the biggest changes to the restaurant’s core operations in years.

According to CNN, McDonald’s is hoping that offering breakfast to customers all day long will draw enough interest in the franchise to recover losses from recent dips in sales. The initiative was headed by newly hired Chief Executive Steve Easterbrook who promised McDonald’s shareholders and employees to revamp the McDonald’s image and revitalize the franchise.

Depending on which McDonald’s location you visit, breakfast options may include biscuits, sausage burritos, pancakes and Egg McMuffins. Many of their breakfast menu items are notoriously popular, but were only available before lunch time. Customers continually requested that McDonald’s sell the popular items all day long but the company had so far refused due to the difficulty of cooking Bic Macs at the same time as Egg McMuffins. But now it seems that McDonald’s regulars finally have their wish, and the individual restaurants will have to establish an efficient way for the items to share a grill.

“This is the consumers’ idea,” said McDonald’s USA President Mike Andres. “This is what they want us to do. That’s why I think this could be the catalyst for our turnaround.”

More than 14,300 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States will be affected by the change, according to the Wall Street Journal. The idea was approved by a franchisee vote held on Tuesday, September 1, and announced by the leadership council. Andres reported that the menu overhaul will cost roughly $500 to $5,000 for each McDonald’s restaurant, but that the corporation will be pitching in to cover those costs.

There hasn’t been a change this big to the McDonald’s brand since it launched its own line of coffee and espresso drinks in 2009 called McCafe.

McDonald’s is actively trying to spread the word about the menu change, even taking to Twitter to respond to customers complaining about the restricted breakfast hours.

Among Steve Easterbrook’s challenges to turn McDonald’s around is the task of improving the quality of the food. While McDonald’s is an incredibly popular chain restaurant around the globe, the McDonald’s brand does have a bad reputation for unhealthy food options and questionable ingredients. It is unclear at this point how Easterbrook intends to fix this problem, but at the moment the focus is extending the McDonald’s breakfast menu.

Will you be heading to your closest McDonald’s on October 6?

[Image credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images]