Ashley Madison Nude Ex-Model Says Website ‘A Scam’ – Paid To Recruit Women And Most Men Didn’t Cheat [Video]

Ashley Madison turned to Michelle “Bombshell” McGee in 2010 to get their website for cheaters off the ground and bring it more recognition. Now McGee – whose claim to fame was bedding Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James – is now calling Ashley Madison a scam, as seen in a new video interview with Michelle about Ashley Madison on Inside Edition.

Michelle aired her thoughts about Ashley Madison in the video snippets released on Tuesday, September 1. The full interview with McGee regarding Ashley Madison will air on Wednesday, September 2.

Ashley Madison heads requested that McGee represent them in 2010, and indeed, the article titled “MICHELLE ‘BOMBSHELL’ MCGEE TO STAR IN ASHLEYMADISON.COM COMMERCIAL” is still live on the Ashley Madison blog, replete with a photo that cuts off Michelle’s head and focuses on her tattooed décolletage.

According to TMZ, Michelle was set to get paid about $500 per hour for her nude commercial shoot, and McGee was supposed get a cut of the traffic she brought to Ashley Madison. There’s no word on how much Michelle made in total from her Ashley Madison deal, but McGree says that strange things happened after setting up her Ashley Madison account.

Not only did Michelle say that she set up an Ashley Madison account and then abandon it, McGee claims she was surprised when men on the street told Michelle they’d chatted with her via Ashley Madison.

“I feel like they used my profile to lure people. I think there are actually women on there but the real women are scam artists or porn girls looking to generate more income to the website. But most of them are fake profiles that Ashley Madison posted so they can maintain control.”

Despite the claims from the Ashley Madison media page that plenty of real live women populated their website, Michelle says that the Ashley Madison team even paid her to bring friends on board to fill out profiles on the site. Merilee Gerth was one of those friends, but she signed up with Ashley Madison just to create the profile and leave.

“Once I created the profile, I had nothing to do with it. They were looking for women to fill out profiles so they could take over the profile and monitor it and respond to any men. People have zero affairs on Ashley Madison. I think they’re scam artists, I think they’re shady, they’re snakes. I think they’re dishonest people all around – to the people they con to join the website and to the customers on the website.”

[Image:Brendon Thorne/Getty Images Entertainment]