The Drake Performance Apple Allegedly Didn’t Want You To See [Video]

Disclaimer: The above video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

While Drake’s Lil’ Weezyana performance wasn’t live-streamed, plenty of Drizzy’s fans thought to record the show themselves. Does Apple have anything to say?

There was rumor that Apple threatened to sue Tidal, if the company would’ve shown Drake’s performance. However, Drizzy’s manager dismissed claims that the technology company had anything to do with the showcase blackout. Yet, that was concerning a real-time stream. Would the stipulation still apply to other videos? Nope. Apple’s alleged lawsuit would not apply to this particular loophole.

Several fans were seen recording the event from their personal devices.

During New Orleans’ festival, Drake performed a number of songs, including recent hits. While hanging with his “504” clique, Drizzy came with his unique brand of energy. And similar to the majority of his concerts, the crowd was most-responsive.

In between “Know Yourself” and “Back to Back,” Drake decided to talk to the audience and give acknowledgement. NYA TV uploaded another version of Drake’s performance on YouTube. From this video, the following quote was given.

“Man… you gotta understand that these my brothers, right here man. Shout out to Mack Maine. Shout out to C.J. Gibson, wherever C.J.’s at… Y’all want me to do some more or what? I’m here for y’all tonight. What’s up?!”

After this, he went into his Meek Mill diss. It’s not reported why he continues to perform the track even after the feud is over. However, it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser.

Shortly after his Lil’ Weezyana performance, he showed himself in Fayetteville, North Carolina. While the VMAs received major attention, as previously reported on Inquisitr, Drizzy joined J. Cole on stage for the Forest Hills Drive tour instead of appearing at the award event. He performed the same set there, as well as a new verse.

Drake’s music positions are doing much greater than his sports ones. In post-Lil’ Weezyana news nearly a day ago, he was attempting to shoot on-goal. Yet, according to Bleacher Report and Drizzy’s Instagram page, he took out a light fixture instead. Regardless, he celebrated anyway.

@highlighthub @bleacherreport Crazy Lamp Trick Shot. @cristiano

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Drake’s not a terrible athlete though. Maybe that was just one of few mishaps. Relevant to his rekindled flame with Serena Williams, he also enjoys tennis — even if it is on a table. As can be seen from his page, he checked another win.


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Given all Drake’s music endeavors and shows, where do the “Energy” artist find the time for it all? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Video Credits: YouTube/Instagram ; Photo Credits: John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment]