Nude Selfies To HR Manager Land Job Applicant Out On the Bricks

There are several things employment experts suggest job seekers not do while looking for a job and during the interview process, including showing up late, complaining about previous employers, and being dishonest.

Now it looks like they may need to add a new “don’t” to the list, as in “don’t send the Human Resources Manager nude selfies.”

While sending nude selfies to a potential employer seems like something all job applicants should know to avoid, one job seeker from Aurora, Illinois, didn’t send just one naked selfie shot, but two nude selfies to the HR Manager of a St. Charles company, apparently raising some eyebrows and prompting the HR Manager to call police and make a full report on the unsolicited selfies of the job applicant baring it all.

Making the situation even less fortuitous for the nude selfie-sending job applicant is that apparently they had already, at least conditionally, landed the job, reports the Chicago Tribune.

“There was a conditional offer of employment made to this particular applicant,” Elmhurst Police Chief Michael Ruth told the Tribune. “He texted the HR director and sent a nude photo of himself.”

The unfortunate nude selfie incident reportedly occurred between August 11 and 13 when the HR Manager was at home, according to police. The HR manager was caught completely off guard when the two nude selfies, which showcased the male job applicant in all his glory, arrived via text.

The nude selfie texter is reportedly a 23-year-old Aurora man who, minus sending his new HR Manager the nude selfies, was set to start working at the St. Charles company.

He followed up his nude texts with a phone call the next morning, according to Chief Ruth, but his number on the caller I.D. revealed that he was the nude selfie-sending applicant.

The human resources manager then called police about the nude selfies on August 14, law enforcement reportedly pursuing the case from there.

In the end, it was all an accident, the unfortunate job applicant told police, his nude selfies never having been meant for the HR Manager.

“(Police) contacted the offender who admitted to sending the photographs, explaining they were actually meant for another individual and were sent to the victim in error. (Police) advised the offender to cease any contact with the victim.”

“My understanding is they’ve rescinded the offer of employment,” said Chief Ruth. “We’re seeing it (texted nude selfies) much more often now with our young people sending inappropriate photos of themselves. They’re sharing it with someone else and the next thing you know it takes on a life of its own.”

While no charges are being pursued against the failed job applicant, as far as double-checking the recipients of any future nude selfies, it’s likely lesson learned.

[Image via Hulton Archive, Getty Images]