Google Logo History: The World's Greatest Icon Sheds Its Skin

Denzel Hammett

The Google search engine controls most of our lives. If we are in the IT industry, then we work to make our products compatible with Google. If we are a celebrity, we search Google images to see if the resulting images feature our "best side." If we are an entrepreneur, we crave SEO solutions which revolves around "getting ranked on Google." How many of us, as if by instinct, load up our favorite browser, then religiously type "G-O-O-G-L-E" into the URL bar? Did you know that Google, and its headquarters Googleplex, are name plays on the number googolplex, which is a one followed by 10 to the 100th power zeros?

Google is even more a part of our lives than Facebook, I suspect, and that is because Google has defined the way we access information. Research in all forms can bear fruit on Google with its advanced search engine which beats any and all library intranets. The fact is that Google -- and its familiar logo -- are a part of our permanent psyche.

— Blue Fountain Media (@BFMweb) September 1, 2015

30th Anniversary of Pac Man -- This doodle was playable and allowed users to relive their best moments playing this iconic game. Bandai Namco has made its entire business due to the continued popularity of this simple but engaging computer game.

"Pac-Man, not surprisingly, is hands down the biggest product in the catalog of publisher Bandai Namco. It's so big, in fact, that the sole reason the company formed and launched its mobile division was to get the game onto cell phones and other handheld devices."

— LiveShed (@LiveShedInc) June 11, 2015

"It appears that the intense interest that today's society has for Van Gogh lies not in the quality of his paintings, but in his ability to project his turbulent emotional experience onto the canvas."
"On Monday 8th December 1980, Chapman shot Lennon four times in the back, in front of his wife, on the steps to the building's main entrance. By 11.15 pm Lennon had died of exsanguination, en route to the Roosevelt Hospital."

— Kronos-0 (@94Ariel94) September 3, 2015

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