Will Apple’s New Car Be As Groundbreaking As The iPhone?

Apple is still working on their secretive car. As MacRumors points out, Apple is continuing to recruit people to bring their upcoming automobile to life.

“Apple continues to recruit talent to bolster its ‘Project Titan’ team, which is rumored to be researching an electric vehicle. Over the past several weeks, the company has hired multiple employees from Tesla Motors, Texas Instruments, and other companies in the automotive and technology industries, likely to join hundreds of others already working on the so-called Apple Car.”

MacRumors goes on to note that Apple hired former Tesla Motors engineering manager Hal Ockerse last month to join the project. Apple also recruited former Texas Instruments design engineer Subhagato Dutta to join its in-house technologies team in July. However, not everybody thinks the Apple Car is a good idea. Dan Akerson, retired CFO of General Motors Co., told Bloomberg that Apple is making a mistake.

“A lot of people who don’t ever operate in it [automobile industry] don’t understand and have a tendency to underestimate. If I were an Apple shareholder, I wouldn’t be very happy.”

Akerson goes on to note that he would be highly suspect of the long-term business prospect of getting into the low-margin, heavy manufacturing business. Still, others think the idea of an Apple Car is great. Michelle Quinn of the San Jose Mercury News is excited about the prospect.

“The iPhone maker could remake the automobile, and the car could reinvent Apple.”

Quinn adds that Apple has the intellectual engineering might to become a top car manufacturer. She also notes that Apple specializes in mobile devices and the car is the ultimate mobile device. She could be right; after all, this is the same company that brought us the iPod, iPad, iPhone, and first home personal computer in the 1970s.

“Tesla Motors has proven that it is possible to build a successful car company from the ground up by combining strong leadership, the right group of people and a reasonable amount of capital,” says Forbes.

Forbes believes the Apple Car could be lucrative if Apple focuses on high-end cars. They also believe that Apple’s project will require in-house manufacturing and this is something that will take a lot of time and effort. Given Apple’s history, their car is likely to become a huge success.

[Photo by Sascha Steinbach / Getty Images Entertainment]