‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Schedule Changes In ‘BB17’ By CBS

Big Brother 17 spoilers revolve around the schedule of the show rather than the BB17 house. These Big Brother 17 spoilers point out that Thursday night football for the NFL will take place on CBS this year. A report from fan site Big Brother Network indicates that it will require a Tuesday episode and two Thursdays getting skipped in the final three weeks of season 17. It all leads up to the season finale that will be aired by CBS on Wednesday, September 23.

The schedule will remain the same through the Sunday episode on September 13. Then CBS has a Tuesday episode on September 15 and a “live” eviction on that Wednesday night (September 16). There will then be a penultimate episode on Sunday, September 20, before the season 17 finale airs on Wednesday, September 23, at 9:30 p.m. PT/ET. The season finale will be 90 minutes to show the final jury vote that decides the $500,000 winner, as well as cast interviews.

These Big Brother 17 spoilers point out how close the cast is to deciding who takes home the cash prize. With just eight houseguests left in the competition, two are going to head to the BB17 jury on Thursday night (September 3). That could be an exciting night if a flip can somehow take place in the game, and hopefully the second evicted houseguest is someone who fans want to be out of the running to win this season.

There are officially just 10 episodes left in the season, bringing an end to what has been a long season for the 17 competitors. It was supposed to be a summer filled with twists and turns, but it didn’t live up to the expectations that host Julie Chen tried to set for the show. Producers took it in a different direction, letting the drama in the BB17 house stand on its own, while shelving the weekly twists that had been used as a main promotional tool this year. A previous report on the show discussed the missing twists.

Ratings have been good for CBS and Big Brother producers again, dictating that the show is going to return for season 18 during the 2016 summer. There are rumors that it could become a second version of the All-Star premise that has been used before, but nothing has been confirmed in that regard. For now, it’s time to remain focused on Big Brother 17 spoilers, as there is no way to predict with a lot of conviction which one of the final eight houseguests is going to win it all.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]