‘Rizzoli And Isles’ Spoilers, Season 6 Return Date: What Can Fans Expect Heading Into The Summer Finale?

The Season 6 summer finale of Rizzoli and Isles airs Tuesday night on TNT and fans are bracing themselves for this one. It will be a long wait for new episodes after this show and viewers know they will likely be left hanging on the edges of their seats at the end of the evening. What Rizzoli and Isles spoilers are available for the September 1 episode? When is the show returning?

Tuesday night’s episode is titled simply “5:26” and the team will be digging into a case involving an old watch. As TV Guide details, the watch is found in the stomach of a dead woman, along with a balloon of cocaine. Jane and those close to her will seemingly be at risk as this case plays out and the watch becomes the key to solving it all.

The show’s Facebook page teases that both Jane and Maura will be in danger as this case progresses, and it seems it will be all hands on deck to solve the case before anybody gets hurt. The preview teases that the team has been one step behind throughout the entire case. When Jane mentions that “he” has taken everything and there’s nothing left for him to take, the clip switches to a dark scene with somebody seemingly being attacked or kidnapped.

It’s nothing new for someone on the team to be in danger, and it’s not uncommon for the mid-season or season finale to leave everybody hanging. From the looks of things, that may be how Tuesday’s episode ends as well. While the wait will be a few months before answers are revealed, there is more on the way.

Some fans have noted some frustration that the show’s social media posts are inconsistent about Tuesday’s episode. Though some posts are touting the September 1 show as the season finale, it is indeed just the summer finale. There are six episodes from Season 6 yet to come, as Deadline confirmed that this season will contain a total of 18 episodes and this mid-season finale is Episode 12 of the season.

While viewers may have to hang tight for a bit regarding an exact return date, the show returned in late February for both Seasons 4 and 5. In all likelihood, that will be the case for Season 6 as well. Just how will the summer finale for Rizzoli and Isles Season 6 end? Fans can’t wait to find out as it’s shaping up to be a dramatic and wild ride.

[Image via La Vanguardia]