'Little People, Big World' Finale Scoop, Renewal News: What Can Fans Expect As Season 9 Wraps?

Stacy Carey

The Season 9 finale of Little People, Big World airs Tuesday night on TLC. In this current batch of episodes, fans got to see Zach Roloff marry Tori Patton and everybody got to catch up with Audrey and Jeremy Roloff as well. Despite the happy times the young couples are experiencing, parents Matt and Amy Roloff have been working through a separation and divorce. What can fans expect from the September 1 finale? Will the show be back with another season?

Andrea Canning from NBC News will be sitting down with most of the Roloff family to go through family highlights and talk about where the family is headed now. TLC shares a clip showing Jeremy and Audrey talking about some tools they are implementing in their marriage to try to keep things on-track. Jeremy explains that as a result of seeing his parents' marriage deteriorate, he and Audrey are working on some different approaches to try to keep issues from getting buried.

The special features Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Audrey, Zach, and Tori. It looks like Molly didn't participate, and most Little People, Big World fans know that youngest sibling Jacob has worked hard to distance himself from the show. Just days ago, Jacob posted a tweet that makes it clear he's got no interest in being closely tied to the TLC show at this point, and it would seem he may be in the midst of some conflict with his parents over it all as well.

As for Matt and Amy, the two separated quite some time ago and in June announced that they were moving forward with a divorce. A People clip shows Amy and Matt facing the question of dating again, and it is clear that neither is in a rush to get serious with anybody.

The clip shows once again how far apart the Roloffs are on things these days. Amy says that she has no interest in dating or getting into a relationship again and she doesn't think anybody would be interested. Matt seems more open to the idea of dating, but he says he'll never marry again. Amy is quick to jump on Matt's willingness to consider dating and it's a bit of a tense moment.

While fans will be happy to see updates from the Roloffs, the Season 9 finale will leave everybody wondering about the possibility of a Season 10. TLC has yet to formally renew or cancel Little People, Big World, and references to this finale do note that it is a season finale, not a series finale.

That said, many would be surprised to see the Roloffs come back for another season. These past two seasons were short ones that were quite specifically focused on the weddings of first Jeremy and Audrey, then Zach and Tori. The format of this Season 9 finale might also seem to lend itself to serve as a series finale, as it seems that fans will get a solid wrap-up from it.

For now, though, fans will have to stay tuned and see if the network and family come together to create additional specials or possibly shortened seasons. Many fans are clamoring for a spin-off focusing on the newlywed couples, but there has been nothing established on that front at this point. However, Jeremy and Audrey have just started a web series with TLC as they prepare for a big move and it seems fans will learn more in Tuesday's finale.

For better or worse, Little People, Big World airs a big finale Tuesday night on TLC and fans will definitely want to tune in to check it out. From the looks of things, the Roloff family will have plenty of emotional moments to share that fans will not want to miss.

[Photo via USA Today]