Michael Straumietis: The Marijuana Millionaire Trying To Take Over Instagram With His Lavish Lifestyle

Michael Straumietis is the CEO of Advanced Nutrients, a company that develops marijuana-specific nutrients and supplements. With marijuana gaining support in states across the U.S. for medical or recreational consumption, Straumietis’ business has grown to a multi-million dollar venture. However, the marijuana kingpin is gaining popularity in another area as well: Instagram. The company’s Instagram account has been flooded with photos of his scantily-clad harem of women and, of course, marijuana plants, to the fanfare of fans across the globe.

According to the Daily Mail, the Advanced Nutrients CEO got his start in the lawn fertilization business. However, he quickly took his fertilization expertise to a whole new level when he began creating nutrients and supplements specific to marijuana growers. The company is based in Canada, but Straumietis is from Portland, Oregon. The marijuana mogul has grown his business to the tune of millions, but it hasn’t come without government intervention and stints in prison.

“He found some guys who were ex-DEA, FBI, and RCMP officers who used to run wiretaps on people, and hired ’em to teach him how to sweep his homes, vehicles, and businesses for bugs. But it didn’t stop them from staging a manhunt for him as his business grew. He has had stints in jail, but still openly admits what his products are used for. “

In fact, with marijuana legalization taking place in numerous states across the U.S., Michael Straumietis has become increasingly open with his business. Part of that openness has taken the form of a somewhat racy Instagram account. The Advanced Nutrients business page features photos of the CEO at cannabis events across the country, as well as photos of his scantily-clad group of women that attend events with the businessman. The account is also filled with photos of marijuana plants and lots of marijuana buds.

Check out some of the Advanced Nutrient Instagram posts below.

Advanced Nutrients
Advanced Nutrients
Advanced Nutrients

In an interview, Michael Straumietis noted that he has always been fascinated by marijuana and that he wants to simply live his life outside of society’s status quo.

“Not only did he have a deep love and fascination for marijuana, but he also didn’t want to live the way he saw just about everyone else living — strangled by the ironclad grip of society’s status quo. He flat-out refused to take orders and march around like a good little robot.”

What do you think about the Advanced Nutrients controversial Instagram account? Is the Instagram account a genius marketing ploy or simply a millionaire marijuana businessman showing off for the public?

[Image Credit: Instagram / Advanced Nutrients]