WWE News: WWE Star Suggests That He’s Retiring After ‘WrestleMania 32’

For some time now, WWE fans have been expecting that The Undertaker will be retiring after next year’s WrestleMania in his home state of Texas. Well, that remains to be seen, but if he does, he may not be the only Texan that will be retiring in his home state, as the “World’s Strongest Man,” Mark Henry, suggested in a recent interview that he’s contemplating retiring after WrestleMania 32.

Henry was recently interviewed by the Times in India this past week, and he mostly covered WWE’s desire to find talent in India, but he was asked about WrestleMania 32, and what his plans are following the event, which is where Henry admitted that next year’s show may be his swan song.

“I may retire next year. It may be the swan song of my wrestling career; but definitely not the end of Mark Henry!”

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has considered retiring in the past. In fact, many thought he was retiring in 2013, but Henry ended up getting the last laugh, as he fooled everyone in one of the greatest performances on RAW in the last 10 years.

Henry is contemplating retirement for several reasons — he’s a 20-year veteran, his body is beat up, he wants to end his career in his home state, and because he has done just about everything there is to do in the wrestling business, so there’s really no point in sticking around anymore.

“Well, I’ve done it all; won several championships. My ambition now is to be a part of finding the future talent of wrestling and open up the sport.”

Henry, who is 44, has said that he has been preparing for life after wrestling for quite some time now. He has an interest in becoming an actor, and he wants to be with his family as often as possible. So, being a full-time WWE wrestler isn’t something that he’s interested in at this point in his life and career, unless WWE has big plans for him, which is extremely unlikely.

WWE really hasn’t used Henry much over the last year or so, as he’s not really been on television, and he almost never works on the live events. So, with his role as an active wrestler becoming less important, next year’s WrestleMania could be, and probably is, the ideal time for Henry to hang it up.

[Image via WWE]