Brooke Beaton Assault: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Adam Lind’s Ex-Girlfriend Poses In Shocking Domestic Violence Photos

Photos of Brooke Beaton bruised and battered have hit the web. According to a Wetpaint Entertainment report on September 1, Brooke Beaton, the ex-girlfriend of Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind, posed for a series of photos after allegedly being assaulted by one of her former boyfriends.

Brooke Beaton’s photos were taken by her childhood friend, Tiffany Sarah Thoelke, just one day after she was involved in an altercation with her ex (who has not yet been identified), which took place two Saturdays ago, according to a report by USA Today. The next day, Sunday, the Brooke Beaton photos were shared on Thoelke’s professional Facebook page, T.S.T. Photography, and along with them, Thoelke shared an emotional message with her fans and followers.

“I write this with a Heavy heart. Today I saw a post of my child hood friend that tore me apart. During conversation she said, ‘We need to do a shoot to raise awareness about domestic violence,’ I said, ‘Yeah we can any weekend’ (thinking the normal, makeup and such) swamped with editing and deadlines, she says to me, ‘No, like, as in now, I want it to be real.’ Without hesitation, I agreed.. I was taken back by her courage, in a time where so many women just dont have it.”

Thoeklke went on to explain, “[Brooke Beaton]’s strength during this time is everything you hope for in someone who has experienced such trauma. 80% of the women who are abused, do not speak about it… and they do not leave. Brooke, days later, decided she was going to speak out and stand up, with courage and confidence. She was going to be the voice for the countless other women who didn’t and don’t have one.”

Brooke Beaton dated Lind, of Teen Mom 2, briefly last year, following his breakup from Taylor Halbur, the mother of his youngest daughter, Paislee. However, their relationship didn’t last and both Brooke Beaton and Lind have since moved on.

Although Brooke Beaton called police to report the assault, it is unclear whether or not her unnamed ex-boyfriend is currently incarcerated, or on the street and awaiting trial. Either way, the photos taken of Brooke Beaton are sure to get people talking about domestic violence around the globe.

[Photo via Twitter]