‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: Shocking Spoilers Reveal Big Deaths Coming

The Walking Dead Season 6 is set to start next month, and some seriously crazy spoilers have begun to circulate online. According to The Spoiling Dead, a source known for having very accurate spoilers and news, the mid-season finale is going to be one fans will never forget.

[Warning: big spoilers below!]

It seems The Walking Dead Season 6 is going to be the craziest season yet. While fans already know that the season will mostly take part in the city of Alexandria, where we last saw the gang in the Season 5 finale as Rick killed Jessie’s husband and was reunited with his old friend Morgan, whom Daryl brought back to the city, and now we’re getting some possible details on how the mid-season finale is going to play out, but they warn that nothing has been confirmed at this point.

Sources tell the site that some big deaths are near, and one huge character is about to have his life changed forever. It all goes down when Rick, Jessie, Carl, Michonne, Jessie’s children, and a few others are trapped inside a house in Alexandria as a herd of walkers surround the home. The group will pull out an old trick and cover themselves in walker guts to be able to walk down the street in hopes of escaping.

Unfortunately, Jessie’s son, Sam, is taken by walkers and cannot be saved. Jessie will freak out and attempt to save her son even though it’s a lost cause. She will refuse to let go of Carl’s hand while doing so and begins to fall into a pile of walkers. Rick will then be forced to cut off Jessie’s arm/hand to save his own son.

Walking Dead fans will see Jessie die as well and her other son, Ron, will immediately be furious with Rick for not saving his mother. Ron will pull his gun on Rick to shoot him. Carl will see all this go down and jump in front of the gun in hopes of saving Rick. Carl gets his eye shot out and Michonne proceeds to kill Ron.

Cleveland.com reveals that it will all be very intense and shocking for fans who have grown accustomed to upsetting deaths, gruesome injuries, and gory walker kills over the past seasons of the hit AMC series. They also reveal that photos of Chandler Riggs, the young actor who plays Carl Grimes, sporting a bandage on set have popped up, and it seems very likely Carl’s eye is gone for good as this also happens in the comic books.

Wow! It is going to be another crazy, awesome, and dramatic season for The Walking Dead. What do you think of the latest Season 6 spoilers?

[Photo Credit: AMC]