Jill Dillard Says She Is ‘Thankful For God’s Grace’ During Duggar Family’s Difficult Times, Shares Mission Update

Jill Dillard provided an update on her family in Central America while briefly touching on the Duggar family’s problems back in Arkansas. The Duggar daughter notes that she was “thrilled” when she found out that Michaella Bates’ wedding and the filming for the TLC sex abuse special would coincide. Jill says she had a busy month with the trip to New York City for the documentary filming, a stopover in Tennessee for Michaella Bates’ wedding, and then, finally, a flight back to Central America to continue her Spanish courses. However, Jill did not complete the update without mentioning her brother Josh Duggar’s recent scandal, noting that she is “thankful for God’s grace” during these sad times.

Jill Duggar, as her name appears on the Dillard Family Blog, says that August was a busy month for her family which ended on a sad note for her “extended family.” Jill asked that fans continue to pray for her family during these difficult times and said she is so “thankful for God’s Grace.”

The Duggar daughter did not go into any further details and quickly moved on to speaking about her time in Central America. It seems that her busy schedule and attempts to become more fluent in Spanish are keeping her mind off of her brother’s troubles. Jill notes that upon returning to Central America, she had some catch-up work to do for her Spanish courses. Jill says that she has her own personal tutor as does Derick. Though they are being tutored privately, they are utilizing the same coursework which makes it possible for them to study together. Jill says she is using her new language skills to open opportunities to speak with her tutor about the Bible and to pray with them during her studies.

“The way our school teaches is individualized, so we each have an instructor. This really helps us to be immersed and practice conversational Spanish everyday. It has opened up good opportunities for both of us to talk about the Bible and pray with our teachers.”

Fortunately for the new mom, Jill was able to bring back her sister Joy and Carlin Bates to help take care of young Israel while the Dillard parents finished up their Spanish studies. Jill says that the two have been so much help, and she will be sad to see them leave after their two weeks is up.

Jill ended her post with the promise to fans to make more frequent updates and to request prayers and donations from those wanting to help with her Central America mission efforts.

[Image Credit: Dillard Family Blog]