Meghan King Edmonds Says Vicki Gunvalson’s Divorce Comment Was Projection And Deflection, Maintains Jim Loves Her

Meghan King Edmonds isn’t backing down to Vicki Gunvalson. As the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County aired on Monday night, Meghan continued her fight with Vicki via social media.

Meghan retweeted a viewer’s tweet that said that it was ironic that Vicki predicted that Meghan and Jim Edmonds’ divorce in a few years when it’s her own relationship with Brooks Ayers that has ended. Meghan added that Vicki’s comment was a projection and deflection of her own relationship troubles with Brooks.


Meghan also maintained that her husband, contrary to what Vicki thinks, loves her. Meghan agreed with a viewer who said that Jim behaved like a typical man who didn’t want to get involved in a fight, but that he ultimately still had her back.

On the latest episode, Meghan King Edmonds and Vicki Gunvalson continued the fight that they had at Heather Dubrow’s luncheon at Tamra Judge’s sex party. As Vicki was yelling at Meghan for questioning Brooks Ayers’ cancer treatment and implying that he doesn’t really have cancer, Meghan waved her husband, Jim Edmonds, over to help defend her. Vicki told Jim that Meghan was “evil,” “childish,” “classless,” “crazy,” and other names. She even told Jim that she’s sorry that he’s married to Meghan and that their marriage won’t last.

“I’m sorry for you. I feel for you. Listen to me Jim, she’s accusing my boyfriend, who you know, of not cancer… she’s really nasty. I’m sorry for you… Talk to me in five years when you’re divorced.”

Jim tried to defend Meghan to Vicki, but also acknowledged that Meghan shouldn’t be so involved.

“Actually I don’t think she’s accusing him of not having cancer. I think the original story was that there’s some random psychic who said that there’s a situation and as a friend, she was worried about why he wasn’t seeking the best treatment, which is none of my business and I don’t care and that’s the end of it.”

Later, alone at the bar, Jim chastised Meghan for bringing him into the argument.

“Don’t ever put me in that situation again. Don’t. I can do whatever I want. Yes, I can. Yes. Zip it. I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t really give a f**k.”

Jim also told Meghan to stop fighting with Vicki. When Meghan asked him why he wasn’t offended that Vicki called her “evil,” “crazy,” and a “little girl,” Jim replied that he doesn’t care.

“I don’t care, so it’s not offensive.”

Does Jim Edmonds really not care how Vicki Gunvalson has treated his wife Meghan King Edmonds? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jim has defended, via social media, Meghan from Vicki’s criticisms. He has also addressed some The Real Housewives of Orange County viewers’ perceptions that he is controlling and dismissive of Meghan, blaming that perception on bad editing.


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