The 'Mad Max' Game Reviews Are In, And It Won't Send You Down 'Fury Road'

The official Mad Max game reviews are in, and for fans of the films, it's a "lovely day." It gives you control of your fate in almost every aspect, from Max Rockatansky's look and clothing to how the car performs in various ways. Even the environment, a desert wasteland where everything is in short supply, is a gorgeous romp through territory that fans of the films will constantly want to explore.

The combat takes a lot from the Batman Arkham series, especially the latest one, giving you the ability to take a weapon from enemies you've beaten down and use them on their friends. However, much like GameSpot says, the combat is a little dumbed down. Max doesn't have gadgets to pull out of his belt, other than a shotgun with hard-to-find ammunition you don't want to waste. He also doesn't have the somersaulting stun maneuver that the Arkham games used. It's just pure brutal fun as you fight to gain back what Max lost.

What helps the Mad Max game review roundup is how the game does not borrow plotlines from the movie released on the same day. You won't encounter Furiosa or any of the characters from the big screen, but you will have a brief encounter with Scabrous Scrotus, the son of the film's villain. Polygon states that the story is almost non-existent, depending too much on its license tie-in to keep the player's interest.

If that doesn't bother you, then Mad Max could easily be, as some have called it, the next Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

The star of the game is almost the car itself, the Magnum Opus, being completely customizable. You are encouraged to grab other cars for your scrap collection, or possibly use the bodies and parts. At your side is the religious mechanic Chumbucket, whose ability to fix an engine that's literally on fire almost makes him a superhero. According to IGN's Mad Max game review, you can upgrade everything from tires to weapons, even adding spikes to stack damage onto your numerous fender benders to come.

Car combat is one thing you will be doing a lot of, since it offers most of the rewards when you're not taking out stronghold defenses and pulling fuel tanks out of fire traps with your handy harpoon.

While the Mad Max game reviews agree that Avalanche's attention to detail brings you into Rockatansky's world of desolation and pure will to survive, they also agree that there isn't much of a story to it all either. If you don't mind exploring and fighting to survive a wasteland full of mechanical and mentally deranged menaces, you might enjoy this game enough to ignore its general lack of a story.

[Image via Games Radar]