Samsung Galaxy S6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus Comparision

When it comes down to it, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus are both good choices for smartphones, but each is, of course, different in its own way. Samsung’s Galaxy line has been known for innovative features and the nearly endless customization its OS allows for. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 Plus is still one of the more popular phone brands, and offers a more stable OS that’s less prone to bugs, as well as a host of other new features including a bigger screen, expanded Siri capabilities, and the power to search apps and the web right from the phone’s home screen.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 essentially accomplish the same things, only in different ways. While the iTunes app manages your music on Apple devices, Samsung’s Galaxy phones offer Amazon Music, which stores music in the cloud as well as playing your Galaxy’s music inside the Amazon app. As discovered, the Galaxy S6 is already getting updates in Korea that involve new stuff, including bubble-shaped icons, the Samsung Pay app, and live broadcasting to YouTube. If you’re anxious and want the S6 update now, it can be downloaded and flashed manually onto S6 devices via

Bubble-shaped icons for apps and contacts on Galaxy S6 Edge. The new update to the Galaxy S6 will add this icon-style to standard S6 phones. [Image Credit:] Bubble-shaped icons for apps and contacts on Galaxy S6 Edge. The new update to the Galaxy S6 will add this icon style to standard S6 phones. [Image Credit:]The Galaxy’s virtual assistant, Google Now, is more or less Google on steroids, with the ability to schedule appointments, reminders, and do much more from inside the Google app. This feature (exclusive to phones with Android OS or some variation thereof) is comparable to Siri on iPhone. However, Google Now has a few tricks that Siri hasn’t picked up yet, such as giving instant answers using Google search or automatically keeping you updated on driving times to your saved destinations. Each time Samsung rolls out a new Galaxy phone or update to its software, it seems Google Now picks up new features.

Additionally, the Galaxy S6 will offer a method of wirelessly charging the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus Comparision A screenshot displaying example Google Now cards, which keep track of information about commute times, the weather, the news, and other subjects as selected by the user. [Image Credit:]As the Tech Times discovered, Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus blew previous sales records out of the water when it was introduced this past September. Apple still remains a dominant brand, and the launch of their new streaming service, Apple Music, certainly hasn’t slowed their momentum. As noted, Apple brought a whole array of new features to the iPhone 6 Plus, including the ability to pay for goods and services with Apple Pay and an app that lets users connect to the Apple Watch. After having been accused of simply parroting the ideas of Samsung’s Galaxy line, Apple is starting to come into its own once again.

The iPhone 6 Plus’ camera also gives Galaxy phones a run for their money by introducing new camera features, including a 1080p resolution and the ability to shoot time-lapse videos. The Samsung Galaxy S6, in comparison, lets users quickly launch its camera by double tapping the home button. The Galaxy S6 also boasts a 5 megapixel camera in front, with a 16 MP camera in the back. Like the iPhone, the Galaxy S6 has several special camera features. The Galaxy’s camera effects include a time-lapse function, a timer, and the ability to take video and pictures at the same time.