Tyga And Kylie Jenner Ready For ‘Showdown’ With Blac Chyna?

It’s official: Tyga and Kylie Jenner are dating. The rapper featured his rumored girlfriend in his new music video for “Stimulated.”

The video shows Tyga and Kylie Jenner kissing and snuggling on the balcony. One scene also shows Tyga furiously writing in his notebook as he tries to come up with the perfect rap to express his sex life with his now 18-year-old girlfriend. Another scene also shows Kylie in a fur coat as she gets a piggyback ride from her 25-year-old boyfriend.

This isn’t the first time that Tyga and Jenner have showed some major PDA. The couple took off to Mexico and St. Barts to continue the reality star’s 18th birthday party celebration. Jenner and Tyga were seen holding hands and snuggling on the beach, but not kissing.

Now it looks like the couple is finally going to have a showdown with Tyga’s ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna. The video vixen proved to her fans that she doesn’t need a man to make her happy. She also doesn’t need a man to buy her a car. As you know, Tyga gifted Kylie with a $320,000 white Ferrari.

Blac Chyna showed off her new shiny vehicle. According to a previous report via TMZ, she purchased a black Audi R8 convertible retailed at $130,000. Blac Chyna took to Instagram to show herself riding around in the luxury car.

This big purchase comes on the heels when it was assumed that Tyga regifted Jenner with the Mercedes G Wagon, the same Wagon that Chyna was seen driving around in. According to the report, Chyna had to give the Wagon back to Tyga, who let Kylie Jenner borrow it before giving her the extravagant birthday gift.

Blac Chyna is also getting even by showing off some major PDA with her new rumored boyfriend, Johnny Winn. The new couple were spotted at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, where Kylie and Tyga were making their red carpet debut as a couple.

Blac took to Instagram to share a photo of her and Johnny (aka Jwinn) in a cozy embrace. The photo shows Blac wrapping her arms around his head, as he grabs her famous behind with two hands. While Blac could have been excited to show off her new man, some assume that she’s still trying to outdo Tyga and his young girlfriend.

According to a previous report via Starcasm, Blac Chyna was planning her showdown to begin at the 2015 MTV VMAs. An inside source told the celebrity gossip blog what to expect to happen behind the scenes at the award show.

“Kanye is going to be the star [tonight], but Kim knows that Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are always trying to use her family, and especially her sisters to get attention for themselves.”

Maybe Blac’s plan was to try to one up Tyga and Jenner’s romance by bringing her new boyfriend, who’s unlike her famous exes. Johnny is a businessman, although it’s unclear what kind of business he’s in. However, he has rubbed elbows with famous people like Chris Brown, Desean Jackson, and rapper Nipsey Hustyle.

What are your thoughts on the showdown between Tyga and Blac Chyna? Do you think her new vehicle and new man are digs at Kylie and Tyga? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Mike Windle/Getty Images for Equinox]