Deflategate Update: Watch Live As Tom Brady Learns His Fate, Federal Court Ruling Expected Tuesday

The Deflategate ruling is expected on Tuesday, and fans who want to know whether Tom Brady will still face a four-game suspension will be able to follow the news live online.

Brady was handed a four-game suspension after a league report concluded that he more than likely knew about plans to deflate balls to below league standards. Brady has strongly denied taking any part in those plans, and has reportedly rejected settlement offers that would require him to admit guilt.

Brady and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell have been meeting over the course of the last few weeks in the hopes of reaching a settlement. U.S. District Court Judge Richard M. Berman has been pushing hard for the sides to resolve the matter on their own, ESPN reported, but on Monday said he was ready to make a Deflategate ruling.

“It won’t be today, but hopefully tomorrow or the day after,” Berman said on Monday.

The hearing has included plenty of back-and-forth from the NFL and the New England Patriots star, and also brought in representatives from the league and players union.

Free-agent kicker Jay Feely, who testified before the court, said the hearing showed the need for a better process for the league to dole out discipline and hear appeals.

“We want to thank the court,” Feely said. “We tried our best to reach a settlement that we did not reach. But I think for us, it reinforces the desire and need for an independent arbitrator in these matters of personal conduct. But we understand Tom’s position, and I think the process will work itself out.”

Those who watch the Deflategate ruling play out live online will see an end to a process that has sewn division among players and management. While many connected to the New England Patriots have called out Goodell for what they believe is a broken discipline process, others have pointed out that the players agreed to this process in the latest collective bargaining agreement.

“We all agreed to this process,” one anonymous team owner told Bleacher Report. “The union agreed to it, and the owners agreed to it. It’s hypocritical for the union to say they hate the process or for Robert [Kraft] to put up such a fight. Robert didn’t have a problem with the process when it was used against other teams.”

Fans who want to watch the Deflategate ruling live online will have plenty of options. The Boston-based NESN has been giving regular updates both online and through its livestream, and ESPN’s New England Patriots blog has been following the process extensively, with live updates expected as Tom Brady learns his fate.

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