One Direction Challenge World Leaders With Inspirational Video

One Direction fans are renowned for their loyalty towards their boy band heroes, and back in July of this year, One Direction launched a campaign with the aim of making a real difference in the lives of young people around the globe. Titled #Action1D, One Direction asked fans to help them to put pressure on world leaders at two hugely important upcoming conferences on tackling climate change and world poverty.

One Direction asked fans to submit videos or pictures outlining the kind of world they want to live in. The campaign is part of a wider movement calling on world leaders to make real changes to improve the lives of the poor and disadvantaged around the world. Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton even threw her weight behind the One Direction campaign when she tweeted her support for their efforts.

The various members of One Direction have over 100 million Twitter followers between them, and it is clear that One Direction’s message struck a chord with the fans. According to Sky News, over 80,000 One Direction fans from 172 countries around the globe have submitted ideas.

One Direction have combined the best responses into an inspirational new video called “Dear World Leaders,” and they have asked fans to share the video on social media.

The Daily Mirror reports that One Direction star Harry Styles praised the efforts of fans who got behind their call to action.

“They continue to amaze us with their passion and dedication, and this film goes to show how engaged they are in the issues that affect them.

“It’s been inspiring to see and hear what matters to them and the world they want to live in.”

Niall Horan joined Styles in praising One Direction fans and said he wants world leaders, including president Obama, to sit up and take notice of what young people are telling them.

“We’ve had fans from all over the world tell us what matters to them, from equal rights for all to the eradication of poverty, I really hope world leaders take notice of what we and our fans are saying.”

Margherita Watt of Save The Children was effusive in her praise of One Direction’s support for their part in “Action 2015.”

“One Direction has done an incredible thing by mobilizing their huge fan-base to speak up about the issues that really matter to them in this momentous year.

“We hope that by speaking out together, their voices will be heard and in a way that world leaders cannot ignore.”

What do Inquisitr readers think of #Action1D? Can a campaign like this really impact politicians and leaders, and can it really make a difference? Let us know what you think below.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]