WWE News: Popular Independent Tag Team The Young Bucks Coming To WWE Soon?

When it comes to the tag team scene, many immediately think of WWE or TNA. However, it is on the Independent scene where the best tag wrestling usually takes place. One team that’s always at the top of the list are the Young Bucks. Matt and Nick Jackson are both talented young guys, and they remind a lot of people of the Hardy Boys tag team.

While both are smaller guys, they make up for it with some fantastic ability in the ring. They have only continued to improve since their time in TNA as Generation-Me years back. They have competed in big places like Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling, among various other Indy companies, since leaving TNA years ago. However, they both have a long career ahead. Could they end up spending the rest of their time with WWE?

The Young Bucks responded with a “thumbs up” via Twitter to WWE’s tweet about the Dusty Rhodes Classic, which will start on tomorrow’s episode of WWE NXT. Many people took this as a sign that the Bucks were coming to WWE for a one-time appearance or they might have recently signed some sort of deal with WWE. However, according to Cageside Seats, that does not seem to be the case.

The Young Bucks have been known to mess with fans via social media for some time now. They have teased signing with WWE in the past, only for it to be untrue.

While both guys would be wonderful in WWE, especially due to the state of tag team wrestling these days within the company, it does not appear as if we will see them anytime soon. However, there are some signs that claim the Bucks could very well make an appearance of some kind.

The Young Bucks are working with NJPW, and it is said that WWE is trying to make a deal with them. Jushin “Thunder” Liger worked with WWE at the WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn special a week ago. It was at this point that talks with NJPW and WWE began. Triple H and NJPW could have spoken about bringing in some of their talent to help them with promotion while giving WWE NXT the talent to make big shows happen.

The Young Bucks could be part of this idea, but no one knows what the potential deal with NJPW entails or if anything has been reached just yet.

WWE has not filmed all of the Dusty Rhodes Classic as of yet, which means surprises could very well be in store for the show. The most problematic thing would be keeping this a secret, as giving away a big debut on a taped show would be terrible for WWE if they were able to secure the Young Bucks.

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