Dolphin Midwife: Dorina Rosin And Her Dolphin-Assisted Birth Featured In Documentary

Pregnant woman Dorina Rosin will give birth using a dolphin midwife. While water births are not uncommon in hospitals, deciding to have a dolphin-assisted birth was unusual enough to be featured in a Katie Piper Extraordinary Births documentary.

The Extraordinary Births Channel 4 documentary features spiritual healer Dorina Rosin and her significant other, Maika Suneagle, along with the dolphin midwife, the Daily Mail reports.

Rosin and Suneagle operate a “healing retreat” in Hawaii. They couple reportedly focuses upon the healing power of nature at the Hawaii Spirit Healing Sanctuary, and sell CDs, which include the dolphin song. The pregnant woman who opted to have a dolphin-assisted birth, and her partner, claim their baby can “speak dolphin.”

“I found the dolphin people a bit out-there but they seemed so happy and the woman was so relaxed,” Dorina Rosin said. “I just thought everybody was wonderful and it was all a bit of an eye-opener.”

Before the ocean water birth with a dolphin midwife, Rosin went swimming with the mammals to obtain a 38-week blessing. She and her partner feel that giving birth in the water is both natural and relaxing — many experts maintain that such water births are extremely dangerous. Opponents to the dolphin-assisted birth have cautioned that the mammals are wild, unpredictable, and could be dangerous for the pregnant woman and the baby to come into close contact with.

“This has to be, hands down, one of the worst natural birthing ideas anyone has ever had,” Christie Wilcox, a science journalist, wrote about dolphins births in Discover in 2013.

Wilcox also added that research has shown that dolphins will “toss, beat, and kill” small porpoises and baby sharks without provocation. Some researcher believe that the killing of baby porpoises is practice for killing the babies of rival dolphin males.

Dorina Rosin explains why she wants a dolphin midwife in her Song of Trust blog.

“In 2011 and 2014 I had the privilege to learn from and with wild and free dolphins and Humpback whales in Hawaii who transformed and healed me in a very profound way. I felt deeply called to spend two times three months in nature – mostly by myself – and to deeply connect to this magical place of beauty and transformation inside and outside which called me home.”

What do you think about choosing to have an ocean water birth and a dolphin midwife?

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