Harry Potter’s Son James Is Heading To Hogwarts Today, Reveals J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter fans, brace yourself, because author J.K. Rowling has just revealed an exciting piece of news about Harry’s son, James Sirius Potter. In a tweet Rowling sent out today, she revealed that it is time for James to head out to Hogwarts.

Of course, September 1 marks a special day for the Potter family, because it is that time of the year when adolescent witches and wizards have to deal with the magical back-to-school blues. It appears James Sirius Potter is all set to carve out a name for himself in the hallowed walls of Hogwarts, and we hope he doesn’t feel burdened by the expectations on his shoulders. After all, he is the son of the most famous wizard in history.

According to the Huffington Post, the Battle of Hogwarts ended in 1998 when both Harry and Ginny were around 18 years old, and for James to start his Hogwarts tenure in 2015, he must have been born in 2004. The Potter family certainly knows what it feels like to welcome a child early in their lives, as Harry himself was born when James and Lily Potter were only 20 years old — back in 1980.

In any case, James will soon be joined by his younger brother, Albus, along with Ron and Hermione’s daughter, Rose. Not to mention, in a few years, it will also be time for the daughter of Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass, Scorpius Hyperion, to head to Hogwarts. Old rivalries, anyone?

There have been rumors that J.K. Rowling intends to continue the Potter saga now that James has started his life at Hogwarts, but the truth in those reports remain unconfirmed, with Rowling currently busy in penning the script for the Harry Potter spin off trilogy, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Harry Potter fans have been elated in the wake of Rowling’s tweet, sending Twitter into a frenzy.

It might not be long before we hear news of James Sirius Potter discovering the secret passageways and underground mezzanines at Hogwarts, because if there is one thing Harry would have passed on to the young Potter, it would be the Marauder’s Map. It runs in the Potter family, doesn’t it?

[Photo by Marco Becerra/Flickr]