Phoenix Sniper? 4 Vehicles Shot in 48 Hours On I-10 In Arizona, Raising Sniper Fears [Video]

Paula Mooney

Just when folks were hearing the news about a possible highway sniper near Battle Creek, Michigan, as reported by WLS-TV, there was additional disturbing news about a new sniper in Phoenix, Arizona. According to NBC, there have been investigations into a northern Colorado sniper, and now, authorities are investigating a Phoenix sniper.

With four vehicles, including a tour bus, reportedly being shot in only 48 hours along an eight-mile stretch of I-10, folks in Phoenix are highly concerned. The sniper shooting pierced the bus seats, which thankfully were empty and didn't harm anyone in that instance of the Phoenix sniper shooting. In other instances of the Phoenix sniper shooting, an SUV passenger window was shot, and a 13-year-old girl in Phoenix received a cut to her right ear.

With all of these Phoenix sniper shootings happening along 8 miles on I-10, and with the string of shootings in Phoenix happening in a short time, police are trying to determine if it's the work of one Phoenix sniper or snipers performing copycat crimes. Reports of other snipers around the nation may have spurred one or more Phoenix snipers into action.

The Phoenix sniper might have also been traveling along I-10 as the sniper shot at vehicles going in the same direction or an opposite direction. One shooting by the Phoenix sniper happened on Saturday, around 11 a.m. local Phoenix time. That's when the Arizona Department of Public Safety reported that the SUV was struck and the 13-year-old hit.

Within minutes of that shooting by the Phoenix sniper, the tour bus that was driving in the opposite direction was shot by the Phoenix sniper – and only when the tour bus driver got out of his bus and saw the bullet hole did he realize his bus had been shot.

As reported by People,the Phoenix sniper should definitely cause concern, says Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Frank Milstead.

"Should we be concerned? Absolutely. There's been no tragedy, but there very well could be. We are piecing together the story. What we are really asking is the public's help to be a good witness while we further investigate all of the evidence."

[Image via CNN]