‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale Spoilers: Breaking Down The Dramatic Preview

Fans are ready for the Season 2 Bachelor in Paradise finale. Though fans have heard plenty about what lies ahead thanks to Reality Steve’s spoilers, new teases fill in some of the gaps. There is going to be devastation and heartbreak ahead, but true romance as well. What are the latest Bachelor in Paradise spoilers about the big finale?

Chris Harrison teased via Yahoo! TV that the Season 2 finale is dramatic and fans “truly won’t want to miss it.” He said that Jaclyn will have fans talking about what she does next, and then there’s that surprise fantasy suite date everybody is anxious to see play out.

The Bachelor in Paradise spoiler preview that aired Monday night definitely got fans buzzing. When paired with Reality Steve’s spoilers, though, it seems the editors likely had a good amount of fun engineering some serious misdirection.

Fans will have to wait a bit yet to see where things split between Sunday and Monday’s shows. However, as was previously detailed by the Inquisitr, there are a whole lot of departures on the way before the season ends. Jared, Dan, Juelia, and Ashley I. will all head out before the next rose ceremony if Reality Steve’s spoilers are accurate.

Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers also detail that Mikey, Mackenzie, Chelsie, Ashley S., Amber, and Jaclyn all head home after the rose ceremony. That leaves just five couples heading into the final dates.

Cassandra Ferguson was seen in the finale preview mentioning a guy she thought she could fall in love with, and it would seem that this probably refers to Justin. The two are said to leave Mexico together. However, that doesn’t mean they’ve managed to last.

The Bachelor in Paradise spoiler preview focuses a lot on Jade crying. Jade and Tanner have been a solid couple since the beginning of the show, but do they split during the finale? The preview editing certainly works hard to make it look that way, but per Reality Steve’s spoilers, that’s not at all the case.

Steve says that Kirk will break up with Carly rather than commit to staying together and doing an overnight date. Why in the world does he make this decision given how things have been going so far? The preview references someone being a coward, a blindside, and a betrayal, and many would guess that Kirk simply ends up getting cold feet and he’s at the center of this drama.

It looks like the ladies on the show are stunned by this split, and fans surely will be too. Fans know that Jade and Carly have grown extremely close this season, and Jade’s emotion is surely over seeing her bestie hurt so badly.

When the Bachelor in Paradise spoiler preview teases that the most dramatic split in show history is coming, it most certainly is in reference to Carly and Kirk. As for Jade and Tanner, the preview does show him saying that he can’t give her his rose, and she looks quite anxious.

However, Reality Steve’s spoilers tease that Tanner has something else to do first. Tanner proposes to Jade, and she accepts. The two are said to still be together and seemingly doing well.

Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that at the end of the finale, Carly and Kirk, along with Joshua and Tenley, will have split. Jade and Tanner leave engaged, and both Nick and Samantha, along with Cassandra and Justin, will continue dating after the show, at least for a while.

What leads to Carly and Tenley’s splits? How romantic will Tanner and Jade’s proposal be? Fans will be anxious for more Bachelor in Paradise spoilers to ponder as the week continues. The two-part finale airs on Sunday and Monday nights, and viewers can’t see how it all ends.

[Image via Carly Waddell’s Instagram]