Chris Bukowski Retires After ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ Issues Apology

Chris Bukowski only spent one day on Bachelor in Paradise, but things didn’t go well for him. Now Bukowski is speaking out and wants everyone to know that his time on television is done. After appearing on five shows in the Bachelor franchise, Chris went to Rant Now to share an apology and reveal that he became obsessed with reality television.

The first time he joined the show was simply to find love. Chris shared that he had a great family, fantastic life, but he did want to find that special someone. Bukowski joined The Bachelorette just to find love. The viewers embraced him and he was a fan favorite, but then on Bachelor Pad 3, things didn’t go as well. Chris was very competitive on the show and revealed it got the best of him.

“I will NEVER forget the feeling I had when I woke up in the Bachelor mansion knowing every single person in that house hated me. I’d never felt that before and honestly, I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to leave but quitting is not in my vocabulary.”

Bukowski’s obsession with television made it where his relationship with his father fell apart. His father even obsessed over the things that were being said about Chris, and Bukowski had a strained relationship with his mother. He thanked Jaclyn Swartz and Sarah Newlon for supporting him during this rough time in his life, and at least Bukowski made some great friends from the franchise.

Once Bukowski felt like he was irrelevant and people had stopped coming to his D.C. bar just to simply see him, he knew it was time to get back on a Bachelor show again. This was part of why he wanted to join Andi’s season of the show and get back in the spotlight once again. That didn’t work out, but Bukowski didn’t stop with that show. Now he has been on a total of five Bachelor shows. Chris was only on Bachelor in Paradise for 24 hours this time, but he doesn’t remember any of it at all so he didn’t even watch himself on the show.

“As you can see, I’m fighting demons. I’m far from perfect. All I’ve ever wanted is what many would call a ‘fairytale ending.’ I honestly thought that was realistic for me. And I honestly thought those involved in my television career were looking out for my best interests.”

Chris Bukowski will not be on a future season of Bachelor in Paradise. The reality star has decided to give up television and move on with his life. Chris wants to be himself again and said just putting this simple apology out there has made him feel better. Chris Harrison even spoke out on his Yahoo TV blog about Bukowski leaving the Bachelor franchise. Harrison does believe that Chris Bukowski is ready to find love but doesn’t seem convinced yet that Bukowski won’t return to the franchise at some point.

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[Picture Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]