Steve Powell Convicted Of 14 Counts Of Voyeurism

Steve Powell, father of Josh Powell, who murdered his two boys, before killing himself in an explosion, has been convicted with 14 counts of voyeurism, which came to light during an investigation into the disappearance of his daughter-in-law, Susan Powell.

CBS News reports that the charges have stemmed from when authorities searched the elder Powell’s residence during the susan Powell investigation.

While many of the photographs found by police were of his daughter-in-law, those are not a part of the charges.

Instead, according to The Seattle Times, prosecutors focused on pictures they found of two neighbor girls, who were 8 and 10 at the time the photographs were taken. The images are reportedly of the girls bathing and using the toilet.

Reuters reports that Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist, stated:

“The case was about two girls, eight and 10 years old, that Steve Powell violated by spying on. We kept the trial focused on these victims.”

Anne Bremner, the lawyer who represents the girls’ family, has announced that the family plans to file a lawsuit in the coming weeks, which will focus on how Steve Powell violated the rights of the girls, who are now teenagers, and also caused them emotional distress.

The Seattle Times reports that Bremner elaborated:

“You just don’t want this guy to be in a position where he can prosper. It’s yet another way to keep pressure on him.”

Bremner is also representing Susan Powell’s family. Susan disappeared in 2009, and evidence found following her husband’s suicide has pointed to the idea that he may have been the cause of her disappearance. Blood found in the family’s home, as well as at a storage locker they own, has been identified as Susan’s, fueling suspicion that Powell may have murdered his wife.

Steve Powell awaits sentencing in the voyeurism case, which could lead to four years in prison, also Lindquist may ask for a longer sentence, due to what he described as “aggravating factors,” including the amount of offenses.