Rihanna Shares Excitement About 10 Years In The Music Industry Amid Lewis Hamilton Dating Rumors

Rihanna spoke about her longevity and success in the music business since bursting on the scene back in 2005. The 27-year-old has demonstrated her versatility and incredible talent over the decade, during which she has brought us seven albums and multiple top 10 hits, in addition to winning eight Grammy Awards.

In New York City, the superstar songstress shared her excitement about reaching the 10-year milestone in the industry. CTV News reports Ri Ri’s words during an interview at her Ri Ri fragrance launch in Brooklyn.

“Definitely a very big deal for me. You know, I can’t believe it’s 10 years already, but we definitely have to celebrate this year. There are a few things I have in mind, so you’ll have to wait on that, but don’t think I’m forgetting because this means a lot to me that I made it to 10 years.”

The beauty hasn’t slowed down even the slightest this year. After dropping three new singles, including the top 5 hit “FourFiveSeconds,” Rihanna shares that fans can expect her eighth album in the near future.

“New album is going really, really great. We have recorded a lot of songs and I can’t wait to finish and put it out. That’s my next step.”

As mentioned, the hitmaker has also been dabbling in additional industries, including that of fragrance. While launching her Ri Ri fragrance in Brooklyn — which will be the first of a trilogy of fragrances launched — Rihanna shared her love for the fans of the specific borough and shared about the fragrance’s appeal.

“I know I made a great decision coming to Brooklyn because Brooklyn fans are on another level. They are full of energy and they’re loud and I like that. They’re going to turn up in here today. I intentionally wanted to do something fun, something that made you feel young, flirty, you know, cute. It’s like a brand new pair of shoes.”

As for Rihanna’s love life, the rumors keep on coming for the singer. First, it was supposedly Leo DiCaprio that the “S.O.S” singer was tied to, which turned out to be a falsity. Now claims are being made that Rihanna is dating Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton. However, Hamilton recently came forward to stamp out the relationship rumors and clarified that the two are merely good friends. The handsome racer and friend to Ri Ri chatted with E! Online during an interview at the MTV Video Music Awards.

“You know, I’ve known Ri for a long time. We’ve been friends for a while. We get to hang out every now and again. Otherwise, we’re just good friends.”

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]