Hubert Tang California Lottery: $20 Found At Airport Leads To $1 Million Prize

Hubert Tang won the California lottery after finding a $20 bill at an airport. Talk about being lucky!

According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, Tang, a Bay Area bartender, was outside of the San Francisco International Airport on Wednesday, August 26, when he stumbled upon a $20 bill lying on the ground. He picked it up and proceeded to purchase a pair of scratch off lottery tickets at a market in Millbrae.

Prior to Wednesday’s purchase, Tang said he had not purchased a lottery ticket in over a decade, but decided to try to test his luck. Never did he think that he would become an instant millionaire. However, that is exactly what happened as he scratched off one of the tickets outside of the convenience store. Obviously in shock, Tang told his friend that he thought he had won the million dollar prize, but wasn’t sure if it was the real thing.

“I told my friend who I was with that I didn’t know if it was real but, ‘I think I just won a million dollars,’ ” Tang said, according to a press release from the California Lottery.

Tang told the California Lottery that he hadn’t really thought about what he was going to do with his winnings, but hopes to put it to good use, and maybe spread his new found fortune with others in the area.

“I haven’t really thought about what I am going to do with the money. For now I am just going to put it in savings,” he said. “Maybe I’ll start leaving $20 bills on the street in random places,” he added jokingly.

Hubert Tang purchased his winning ticket at Andrea’s Market, which is located at 1601 El Camino Real in Millbrae in San Mateo County. Not only will Tang be taking home some cash, the retailer will also be getting a $5,000 bonus just for selling the ticket.

Hubert Tang’s luck may not stop there. The other $1,000,000 Jackpot! ticket that was not a winner can be entered into a weekly drawing for another $25,000 prize. He will just have to subscribe to the 2nd Chance Program and submit his non-winning ticket.

[Photo by JJ Studio / Shutterstock]