WWE News: Big Update On Vince McMahon’s Thoughts On ‘SummerSlam’ And Sting’s WWE Return

Sting’s WWE return made an impact. After a boisterous weekend of professional wrestling, WWE RAW was the third event to take place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. One would assume the crowd had enough WWE for one weekend. Clearly, that person hasn’t seen the WWE Universe in action.

Two major debuts occurred last week, one of them being the Dudley Boyz. After the New Day reclaimed their WWE Tag-Team championships at SummerSlam, Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley came back to the WWE for one final run. They are on the prowl for their 10th WWE Tag-Team title reign. They already hold the record with nine championship reigns.

The other debut came at the end of WWE RAW. The Authority was about to unveil their statue of Seth Rollins, the new United States champion. Sting then showed up and made a move towards the WWE champion. When the Stinger held up the WWE title, that was WWE’s symbolic way of mentioning he’ll wrestle Rollins at Night of Champions for the WWE championship.

Now, Sting was heavily-rumored for SummerSlam, but WWE officials didn’t pull the trigger. According to Daily Wrestling News, the decision to debut Sting on WWE RAW was a Vince McMahon idea.

“He wanted to keep some of the major attractions for last week’s TV to keep the momentum going.

Vince reportedly believes SummerSlam was a very strong show and with continued WWE Network growth, the idea behind Sting‘s return at Night of Champions is that the growth and momentum will continue.”

The same rule applied to the Dudley Boyz as well, which means they could have came back right after the New Day won the Tag-Team belts. However, keeping them off SummerSlam was the pr0per decision to make. Sting also fits in that category. Everybody was expecting Sting to screw the Undertaker against Brock Lesnar.

Perhaps Vince McMahon is still in touch and realizes what’s best for business. This is exactly what the WWE did for the Elimination Chamber. It wasn’t going to get the automatic hype that WrestleMania or the Royal Rumble does, so McMahon had great matches on the card. Sting will headline, and deservedly so. Both men will perform to their top levels and keep the WWE Universe on the edge of their seat.

If there’s truly any correct way to plan the Sting and Rollins match at Night of Champions, the WWE will have that option in the bag. Is there a logical way to have Sting become WWE champion? Unless Sheamus cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase that night. If that happens, then Sting wrestles at the next PPV. Would that ever happen?

[Image via wrestlezone.com]