June 29, 2017
David Beckham Has Tattoos For Victoria, Harper, & Brooklyn, Shares Romeo Birthday Hug & Kevin Hart Ad [Photos]

David Beckham just got a new tattoo. Famed for his soccer finesse as well as his ink, David chose his most recent tattoo to pay homage to Brooklyn Beckham, reported MSN.

At 40, David has learned to have no fear about revealing his inner softy, whether it's dishing on wife Vanessa Beckham or posting on social media about his love for his 16-year-old son. When David chose his newest tat that states "Buster" in bold letters on his neck, he didn't hesitate to share it.

David Beckham honors son Brooklyn with new tattoo.
David Beckham honors son Brooklyn with new tattoo.

"I've always called Brooklyn (Buster) since the day he was born," wrote Beckham. "Love you Bust."

Are there more tattoos in David's future? Maybe, because Romeo Beckham celebrates his 13th birthday on September 1, which gives his dad a great reason to get inked once more.

David also shared a photo of his son on Instagram.

"My little man turns 13 today.. Into his teens and still an Arsenal fan lol... Happy birthday beautiful boy," wrote proud father Beckham.

David Beckham hugs his son Romeo as he turns 13.
David Beckham hugs his son Romeo as he turns 13.

With four children and a gorgeous wife, David has adorned his body with a variety of tattoos to honor them. His daughter Harper, for example, received a "Pretty Lady" tribute.

"Hey Pretty Lady," posted Beckham. "Just adding to the collection of tattoos that mean so much to me."

And, of course, David hasn't neglected Victoria. She earned the space on his pinkie finger, with a "99" tattoo that symbolizes Brooklyn's birth year and Beckham's wedding year.

"99 was a good year for me," wrote David for his tribute.

Beckham also is famed for his hair and muscular physique, and he's flaunting both in a new campaign with Kevin Hart, reported People.

If you're doing a double-take at the news, it's appropriate, because David and Kevin became fashion twins for an H&M advertisement campaign.

David Beckham becomes twins with Kevin Hart for new ad campaign.
David Beckham becomes twins with Kevin Hart for new ad campaign.

The soccer pro and actor have formed a duo for Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham ads. And to represent the clothing line fittingly, David and Kevin sport mirror image attire, ranging from flannels to sweaters.

Both Beckham and Hart have enjoyed posting photos displaying their sometimes wild and wacky shoots on their social media accounts. Whether posing in front of an enormous grizzly bear (no fears: That creature was dead) or working up a sweat by exercising together in sexy sweats, David and Kevin made it clear that they were having fun.

While Beckham tends to keep his social media posts short, sweet, and simple, Hart unleashes his comedic talents in his captions.

"2 questions…Question #1Why are we sitting this comfortably In Front of this grizzly bear? Question #2 Why are we dressed alike? Gotta love @davidbeckham #Twins #GoodTimesWithGreatPeople," wrote Kevin.

[Images Via David Beckham/Instagram; Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images]