Chris Christie Tells Jimmy Fallon He May Have To ‘Go Nuclear’ At Next Republican Debate

New Jersey Governor and Republican Presidential nominee Chris Christie stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Monday night in an effort to gain support for his campaign. Things took a comical turn, according to MSNBC, when Fallon asked Christie about his lack of vocalness in the last Republican debate.

As Christie expressed his frustration with being ignored at the previous debate, he went on to tell Fallon about the difficult balancing act of trying to be heard but following debate etiquette.

“The last debate, I was waiting for you to talk,” Fallon started.

“Me too,” Christie replied to the amusement of the audience before going into depth with Fallon, “There was one point where I went twenty questions in a row without being asked a question. And it’s hard.”

Fallon then earnestly asked Christie why he didn’t just jump in and start interrupting people. While Governor Christie let Jimmy know he didn’t feel that interrupting other candidates was appropriate in that particular debate, he then went on to state he intended to change his tactics for the September 16 debate.

“By the way, stay tuned on September 16th. I may be changing tactics. If I go…if I get to like fifteen questions in a row…count them at home…if I go fifteen in a row, they’re going to go ‘Uh oh. He’s going to go nuclear now,'” Christie kidded to the cheers of Jimmy Fallon and the audience.

It was interesting rhetoric for Christie, who is currently sitting in the bottom five candidates of fifteen Republican nominees according to polls, but certainly not the most unusual thing Chris Christie has said in the past week.

According to CNN, while speaking at a town hall Saturday night, Chris Christie divulged his so-called “Fed Ex” plan for keeping better track of immigrants.

“You go online and at any moment, FedEx can tell you where that package is,” Christie said. “Yet we let people come into this country with visas, and the minute they come in, we lose track of them.”

Christie’s “Fed Ex” plan includes having Fred Smith, the founder of Federal Express, come work for Immigration and Customs Enforcement for three months and train federal employees how to track immigrants and their visas. While Christie informed Fox News Sunday that he was not equating people to packages, he certainly feels that immigrants should be better accounted for:

“We need to have a system that tracks you from the moment you come in and then when your time is up,” Christie said.

Since Chris Christie is all for government monitoring, perhaps the moderator for the September 16 Republican debate should bring a Geiger counter to gauge whether or not he is preparing to “go nuclear.”

[Image courtesy of NBC/Getty Images.]