Vicki Gunvalson Thanks Shannon Beador And Lizzie Rovsek For Defending Her From Meghan Edmonds

Vicki Gunvalson has thanked Shannon Beador and Lizzie Rovsek for sticking up for her in regard to her fight with Meghan King Edmonds over Brooks Ayers. In her latest blog post, posted on Monday night after the latest The Real Housewives of Orange County episode aired, Vicki thanked Shannon and Lizzie for their support and explained why she got so heated over Meghan questioning Brooks’ cancer treatment.

On last week’s episode, Vicki and Meghan sparred with one another at Heather Dubrow’s luncheon after Vicki blasted Meghan for repeating what Tamra Judge’s psychic had said, that he didn’t “see” Brooks having cancer. Meghan fought back by questioning Brooks’ cancer treatment, implying that he was hiding something or perhaps just faking his illness. Vicki got so livid that she repeatedly screamed at Meghan and left the lunch.

On Monday night’s episode, Vicki and Meghan continued their fight at Tamra’s sex party. The fight got so ugly that Vicki told Meghan’s husband, Jim Edmonds, whom Meghan had waived over to help her, point blank that his marriage won’t last.

“Talk to me in five years when you’re divorced.”

Vicki later blabbed to Tamra that Jim had told Brooks that of his four months of marriage to Meghan, two had been “challenging.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jim Edmonds has defended, via social media, his wife, Meghan King Edmonds, from Vicki Gunvalson’s criticism. As the latest episode aired, Meghan admitted it was a mistake to involve Jim in her fight with Vicki.

On her blog, Vicki explained that she’s very angry about Meghan questioning Brooks’ cancer treatment and implying that he doesn’t have cancer. She said Brooks didn’t even want to publicly reveal his cancer had returned but she convinced him otherwise. Vicki seemed furious that Brooks’ cancer has become the season’s central storyline.

“What you don’t see are the struggles Brooks has gone through by making the decision to reveal this season that he even has cancer. He did NOT want to, and I told him it was a way for us to show how we can inspire others who have cancer and how couples can ban together during this time. I had no idea it was going to be the focus this season.”

On her blog, Vicki Gunvalson also thanked her The Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars Shannon Beador and Lizzie Rovsek for taking her side when it comes to her fight with Meghan King Edmonds.

“I am so glad that Shannon was with me while we were trying to talk to Meghan, however we weren’t getting anywhere. It was like we were talking to a child saying ‘we aren’t playing in this playground anymore’ and she just wasn’t going to listen to either one of us. Thank you Shannon for saying I had a right to be upset. I really appreciate that…Thank you Lizzie for trying to make sense of this chaos with Meghan. You saw Meghan for who she really is at the luncheon. You’re right, she doesn’t care about Brooks or I, so when you don’t care about someone then stop talking about them. That’s been my request every time she brings it up, and out of respect for me I’ve asked her to stop.”

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images]