Rapper DMX Makes Comeback EP

The troubled rapper DMX, who has had run ins with the law on various occasions told MTV News that he intends to focus more on music, and less on his legal troubles, which has stalled his career. It’s been six years since the rapper dropped his last release Year of The Dog.

Recently the rapper said in an interview with MTV that he wants to be professional for the sake of his career, and has a newly released EP to get back on track, titled The Weigh In.

“It’s a good thing. I wish it was always like that but you can’t really worry about what people think, what they say. I just gotta do me,” DMX continued, “The focus is on taking the music seriously, as a job, and less trouble.”

The rapper has been in and out of various facilities since 2000. His recent arrest on his wrap record was in August of 2011 which was for speeding and driving with a suspended license. Before that DMX was arrested in Arizona in November of 2010 on charges that directly violated his probation by consuming alcohol, which lead him to serve a year sentence.

This EP is to keep the fans interested in the highly anticipated Undisputed, which is the main course to the “appetizer” EP, says the rapper. “Everywhere I go people are like, ‘When’s the album droppin? When’s the album droppin’?’ So I was just like, lemme hit ’em with something, let them know, give them a little appetizer of what it’s gonna be like,” he said. “Not the same songs, because I’m sitting on like three albums right now, but ya know, just what it’s gonna be like.”

If the EP is the appetizer with appearances from Snoop Dogg and Tyrese, we can hardly wait to see what DMX has to give us on the full length album.