Elderly Man Allegedly Raped Wife With Hot Curling Iron

An elderly man has been arrested and charged with a variety of crimes stemming from the alleged sexual assault of his own wife. The Dreamin’ Demon reports 78-year-old George Kephart is accused of brutally beating his disabled wife after she allegedly confessed to having an affair that took place a half a century ago. That’s not the only bizarre detail in this developing case. The Maryland man is also accused of using a hot curling iron during the horrific incident, and what he may have done with it is downright disturbing.

KEYE TV News reports Kephart is an employee of the Montgomery County Public School system, but no reports have indicated whether or not this violent incident has affected his job. The man reportedly works as a bus aide for children with special needs, which is a bit ironic considering the reasons for his arrest. What has been reported, however, indicates this man may have had a history of violence against his elderly wife, a woman who is so disabled that she requires assistance to do normal, daily activities. She is reportedly on oxygen and suffers from severe dementia.

Please be advised the remainder of this article includes graphic descriptions of the alleged crimes.

When the incident in question took place, Kephart had allegedly initiated the conflict by accusing his wife of having an affair during the 1960s. The woman confessed to having the affair, though it is not known if she had done so out of lucid honesty or if her dementia had prompted the so-called confession. Whatever the case may actually be, Kephart allegedly took it as an opportunity to not only beat his wife, but strangle her with his bare hands. A horrific detail of the alleged abuse includes a moment when he plugged in a curling iron, allowed it to get hot enough to burn the woman, and inserted it into her vagina.

The elderly woman’s home caretaker discovered bruising on her neck and other parts of her body, which prompted her to contact the couple’s son. When she was taken to the hospital for examination, medical professionals discovered her vagina had been badly damaged with torn flesh and burns. After the discovery, she revealed what Kephart had allegedly done to her. She reportedly told police that she hated her husband because he had frequently abused her by beating her. She also said he used fire to to burn her as a form of abuse.

A neighbor who knows the couple told media sources that George Kephart is a “crazy man.”

“Crazy man. He is always enraged, really constantly enraged. Even if you talk to him during a normal conversation, a word can set him off. Nothing surprises me with this guy.”

George Kephart is currently incarcerated, but no reports indicate whether he’s being held on bond. He has been charged with felonies associated with first-degree sexual offense and first degree assault. He also faces a charge of vulnerable adult abuse. All of these charges could lead to life imprisonment.

[Photo courtesy of Montgomery County Police]