Kate Gosselin Makes Triumphant Return For 2015 VMA’s – On Bieber’s Head

Kate Gosselin hasn’t been front and center in the headlines for a while now, until she showed up for a surprise appearance on Justin Bieber’s head during the 2015 VMA awards that ran on Sunday night.

Kate Gosselin, the mom half of Jon and Kate Plus 8, absolutely rawked the Gosselin style back in 2009 when the Biebs was just 14-years-old. Six years later, “The Gosselin” appears to be back and spunky as ever, this time in front of hundreds of screaming girls and above the tear-filled eyes that made VMA coverage headlines. Clearly, she was a woman way ahead of her time, or Bieber is trying to age himself by looking like a soccer mom of 8 kids.

Kate Gosselin’s old reality TV show Jon and Kate Plus 8 (then later reduced to just Kate Plus 8) still airs on TLC and draws pretty good ratings for the network. And, recently, she celebrated her 40th birthday by heading off to Mexico with her 8 kids and a pal, having it all filmed, of course, for a Kate Plus 8 special called, appropriately, “The BIG Four Oh!” where she revealed some information about what her life has been like, and a new bikini body.

It has been 5 years since Kate’s messy divorce with her husband (DJ Jon Gosselin now), according to People, but she described the time since the massive marriage meltdown as the best years of her life. But don’t ask her if she is dating anyone. She HATES that question. Why?

“It’s a reminder that here I am, it’s just me.”

Oh, and don’t bring up Jon. That’s done, that’s over, and that’s ancient history. That 10 years of marriage is in the waste bin. Kate Gosselin has moved on to bigger and better things and so has Jon Gosselin who got a chance to DJ early this year at Harrah’s in Atlantic City helping him to get closer to his big DJing dreams, according to another article in People. Meanwhile, as the Daily Mail points out, the bobbed mom has kept in the spotlight with appearances on Dancing With The Stars in 2010 and more recently on Celebrity Apprentice.

The instant comparisons between Justin Bieber’s locks and Kate Gosselin’s older “swoop” shows that the famed TV reality show mom is still in the minds of many, or at least her 2009 swooshy hairdo appears to be anyway.

[Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images]