Kim Richards Future: From Probation To Reality TV, What’s Ahead for Former ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Star? [Video]

Kim Richards has challenges ahead. Once a famous child star, Kim then became a breakout celebrity on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. But in recent months, Richards has become known more for her problems with issues ranging from intoxication to shoplifting allegations. The latest worries for Kim: That she could be spending over 24 months in jail.

However, a proposed plea deal that bans her from the Beverly Hills Hotel and requires Richards to fulfill probation and attend AA could save Kim from prison, according to MSN. At issue, however, is whether Richards also must do community labor for approximately a month.

The plea deal results from Kim’s arrest in mid-April, followed by charges in May. Richards reportedly was intoxicated in public, tried to take shelter in a bathroom at the hotel, and then resisted arrest. Kim also was charged with battery on a police officer after being forced to leave the hotel and then, during the booking procedures, kicking an officer.

Kim did not attend the court hearing, but Richards’ lawyer agreed to most of it. If the plea deal had not been offered, the reality TV star could have spent more than two years in prison.

However, what Kim’s attorney is still negotiating is the question of whether she is sentenced to 30 days of community service versus community labor. Why the change? Richards’ lawyer says she hurt her foot so isn’t up to laboring.

Prosecutors requested medical records, and Kim will learn the outcome by mid-September. Richards’ injury resulted from getting her foot stuck in a door that was closing, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Kim is anticipated to be present at the mid-September court hearing, said a source. At that time, Richards reportedly will enter a guilty plea to a single resisting arrest charge in exchange for going to 52 AA meetings, doing 30 days of community service, and staying on probation for 36 months.

That guilty plea to one charge means the court would dismiss the other charges, which include public intoxication and battery on the police officer.

With Kim going through all of these issues, what is her sister Kyle Richards doing? Kim’s younger sister is coping with the outcome of Richards’ actions, reported the Daily Mail.

Kim was reportedly at first hospitalized for 72 hours with 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold, resulting in more family drama. She then again allegedly entered a facility.

Trying to let go of her worries, Kyle recently enjoyed an evening out with Mauricio Umansky. The two have been married for about 20 years.

But for the 46-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, the real life drama of her 50-year-old sister Kim has not ended. Richards also was arrested in Target for allegedly shoplifting.

Kim stayed in jail for one night following the theft arrest and then left on $5,000 bail. Richards entered a not guilty plea to the shoplifting charges.

As for her future on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Kim has been fired, but Richards is now considering a different reality TV show, according to Radar Online.

However, neither Kyle nor Kim’s children think it’s a good idea.

That potential new opportunity on TV is called Family Therapy, and it’s begun filming with Dina and Michael Lohan. When producers talked with Kim about also appearing on the show, an insider revealed her response.

“Kim wasn’t interested in the concept, or what she would be doing, but needed to earn a paycheck,” said the source. “She approached her kids about the proposal, and asked them to reach out to Kyle, because they aren’t talking.”

But both Kyle and the kids disagreed with the idea, contending that she should go to rehab first, added the insider.

“They felt she needed to go to rehab. If Kim had already successfully completed treatment, and was in a good place to begin truly working on relationships with the family, that would be a different story.”

Where is Richards now? Kim reportedly has left rehab again and is staying with friends in southern California.

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