WWE Hulk Hogan Statement Leaves No Hope For The Hulkster

WWE-Hulk Hogan relations have not improved after Hogan’s emotional, tear-filled interview with Good Morning America on Monday.

For the first time since getting outed on his racist remarks in early August, the Hulkster appeared on television to talk about the fallout.

Hogan made the case during the interview that he was “a good person,” and good people should not be discarded.

“You don’t throw good people away… I refuse to believe that one thing that I did, which is not who I am, is the beginning of my demise,” Hogan said. “I think it’s going to open up a lot of eyes and I’m accountable. I did it. I if I did something, I’ll tell you, I did it.”

Hogan credited his daughter, Brooke Hogan, with standing by him when she had every right to turn her back — after all, it was her and her then-boyfriend the remarks were about — but, Hogan said, she “never wavered.”

“She’s been so supportive… she instantly said ‘I don’t even need to forgive you ’cause I’m not mad at you. I love you. You’re my dad.'”

That said, the WWE statement released on Monday afternoon regarding Hulk Hogan wasn’t as forgiving. In a short, curt response, the company told the Hollywood Reporter that it refused to bring back Hogan’s merchandise or reinstate him in the Hall of Fame.

“At this time, the WWE remains steadfast in its decision,” the WWE rep said.

In the recording, noted Yahoo!, Hogan allegedly referred to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a “n*****” and a “sambo” (another racist, derogatory word used against black people). It was alleged he made similar comments about his daughter’s African-American boyfriend.

Hogan begged his fans for forgiveness and said the words that came out of his mouth were “wrong.”

Nevertheless, the WWE and Hulk Hogan bond appears to be severed for good, which is in keeping with the company’s latest dismissal of Zahra Schreiber, girlfriend of WWE superstar and World Heavyweight/United States Champion, Seth Rollins.

TMZ reports Zahra had posted several pictures on her Instagram account displaying Nazi symbols. The company issued a statement that it was firing Zahra because of “inappropriate and offensive remarks,” one of which included a “My Little Pony” character wearing Nazi apparel.

“I like history ha,” Zahra said, adding that the swastika “means prosperity and luck” and that it was “around way before Hitler turned it into an icon.”

WWE disagreed with Zahra’s intent, which was no surprise to fans given how the company scrubbed arguably its biggest star — Hogan — from the organization.

Do you think the WWE and Hulk Hogan relationship is finished, or will Hogan eventually be allowed back into the fold? Should he be?

[Image courtesy of WWE]