For Some Reason, Many People Believe Halloween Will Be On Friday The 13th In 2015

The Internet is full of different rumors and hoaxes that aren't even close to being true. There is the ever-popular celebrity death hoax which has had James Earl Jones and Willie Nelson as victims this year. Other hoaxes are almost too weird to talk about. The latest one going around is about Halloween and Friday the 13th, and how the two will impossibly cross paths this year and be on the same day.

Yes, take that in for a minute. Here is the meme that has been passed around mostly Facebook, but has found its way onto Twitter as well.

halloween 2015 friday the 13th 666 years

Now, upon quickly reading this "fact," you may think that is quite amazing, spooky and weird. That is until about five seconds after you finish reading it and go, "wait...what?"

A number of people are passing this meme around Facebook and other social media sites and proclaiming it to be something that could actually happen. They truly believe that Halloween 2015 (October 31) will fall on the same day as October 13.

Throw in the fact that it's the "first year in 666 years" that this is happening, and you get an extra spooky little tidbit.

Figuring out the truth behind this meme is just common knowledge, but for a bit more proof, Snopes has touched on the subject. Halloween doesn't even date back as far as 666 years, but that's not even the biggest problem with all of this.

Halloween will always take place on October 31 no matter if it takes place on a Monday or Wednesday or Sunday or Friday. Friday the 13th can only fall on a Friday and it will only fall when said Friday is the 13th of the month.

Therefore, these two holidays can not happen on the same day. Believe it or not, as the IB Times reported, this same rumor/hoax happened in 2014 too.

Like with most Internet hoaxes, people will read the meme (or article) and share it without even thinking. It is then read by others and shared again and then before you know it, people are freaking out about the Halloween 2015 date.

Some people share it and truly believe what the meme is saying. Others share it to purposely try and trip friends and family up.

All it takes is to read something and then give yourself a minute to process it.

Halloween 2015 is not going to fall on Friday the 13th, and it really doesn't matter that 666 years have gone by because nothing happened then either. The Internet is there so you don't believe everything you read, and if you aren't sure, google it to see if it's a hoax or not.

[Image via Facebook/Getty Images - Natalie Barber]