Kanye West Hosting The VMAs 2016? MTV ‘Entertained’ By West’s 12-Minute Speech

Kanye West wants to run for president, but before he does, he might be able to add “hosted the VMA’s” to his resume. Does it have anything to do with politics? No. But every little detail helps, right?

According to TMZ, the rapper’s 12-minute long speech (you know the one) was so entertaining, MTV is thinking about offering the hosting spot to him in 2016.

“Here’s how much MTV loved it… we’re told they only allotted him 2 minutes, but people in the control room were told to stand down, because it was crazy entertaining. We’re told after Kanye left the stage, an MTV big wig followed him to his dressing room and gushed about the spectacle,” reports TMZ.

Kanye West totally stole Miley Cyrus’ spotlight at Sunday night’s ceremony, according to the Chicago Tribune. While all eyes were on Miley, her crazy outfits, and not-so-funny jokes, it seemed clear that Kanye was the talk of the night based on what circulated on the web today. Regardless of what was happening on stage, the cameras seemed to pan to Kanye (who was sitting with his pregnant wife, Kim Kardashian) every few minutes.

He really was the star of the show, whether he intended to be or not (let’s face it, he intends to be the star of every show no matter what).

“If you want to know who ‘won’ the 2015 VMAs, the results are readily available. But the circus of the thing is, and really always has been, the point: Swift and her posse of model friends clapping and dancing in the front row. Bieber flying like Peter Pan. The hackneyed ‘jokes’ scripted for Cyrus, a stark contrast to the VMAs’ fairly sophisticated visuals. And the battle to be in the headlines about the show, a fight won this year by Kanye, who proved he is, indeed, in the video vanguard.”

And if Kanye West is serious about running for president in 2020, the world will be in store for a lot more of those long speeches. According to Us Weekly, there are many questions coming to the minds of millions who wonder if Kanye will follow through. For instance, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that he’s “[looking] forward to seeing what slogan he chooses to embroider on his campaign hat.”

Are you a fan of Kanye? Do you think he will host the VMA’s next year? Do you think he will ever run for president of the United States? Should he?

[(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]