WWE's Paige Flaunts Her Insane Figure In Sexy Photoshoot Sneak Peek

WWE's Paige is known for turning heads both in the wrestling ring and via her social media pages, and she has done it again. The professional wrestling superstar – whose real name is Saraya Bevis – gave her Instagram fans a sneak peek at a recent photoshoot and she is driving her followers wild.

Paige shared the image Wednesday evening and admitted that she felt she had to stop sharing these soon. The photo in question showed Paige wearing Calvin Klein panties along with a matching bra. She looked sultry and incredible.

In this photo, Paige is standing at the bottom of a staircase outdoors with the shadows adding a layer of complexity to the shot. The WWE bombshell has her long, dark hair cascading over her shoulders and she is looking coyly off to the side.

The 27-year-old English bombshell was standing in the perfect position to show off all of her salacious curves. Paige's followers went wild over the bra and panty ensemble which showed part of one tattoo, plenty of cleavage, and Paige's flat tummy.

It did not take long for Paige's followers to respond to this look. The WWE vixen has 5.5 million people keeping track of her every move on Instagram and in a mere 13 hours, nearly 380,000 of them liked this photo. Nearly 2,700 people also added comments. It doesn't look as if anybody wanted her to actually stop sharing snaps from this photoshoot.

By the looks of her Instagram page, it doesn't appear that Paige has exactly been bombarding her followers with photos from this shoot. About a month ago, she posted two other glimpses into this photography session and that post brought in nearly 600,000 likes.

Earlier this month, Paige shared another look featuring this Calvin Klein bra and panty set to her Instagram page as she opened up about body image issues. She admitted that at times she has felt a lot of pressure in this industry regarding her weight. The WWE star said that ultimately, it's best to let go of what others think of you and rely on those who support and love you.

Paige isn't in the wrestling ring any longer after retiring last year. However, she is still involved in WWE as she manages the Kabuki Warriors team that consists of Kairi Sane and Asuka. As The Mix recently noted, Paige has been frustrated at times that her team isn't being utilized as much as she'd like to see. However, she is determined to change that and her fans are anxious to see it happen.

WWE's Paige may not be professionally wresting on screen anymore, but her fans don't have to worry about her disappearing. She clearly has plenty of projects on her plate. Many of her millions of followers would say she looks as incredible now as she ever has.