‘The Vampire Diaries’: Candice Accola Expecting First Child With Husband Joe King

The Vampire Diaries star, Candice Accola, and her husband, Joe King (The Fray guitarist), made a major announcement on Monday: they’re expecting their first baby! The stars took to Instagram to share the news with their fans.

“Sometimes a Saturday is best spent painting t-shirts and taking an awesome family photo. Happy Monday everybody! #thataintnoburritoinmybelly Thank you to our friend @softspiritstrong for coming over and snapping this sweet pic.”

The photo featured Candice Accola, 28, her husband, Joe King, 35, and King’s two daughters, Ava and Elise, according to People Magazine. King added that a baby King was on the way, and he was proud to welcome a new life into the world with her beautiful wife and daughters, saying that he is truly a lucky man and dad.

Candice stood front and center in the photo with “baby” written across her growing belly and a heart surrounding it. The family all pointed to the shirt showing the news. King wore a matching shirt that sported “super dad” across it. The family looked happy during the announcement and the thought that their family will be growing.


Accola and King met through The Vampire Diaries star and friend of Accola Nina Dobrev. They met at a Super Bowl event, and Accola and King announced their engagement in May 2013. Later, the couple married during a French Quarter-themed wedding in October 2014.

No news has been said whether the baby will affect filming for the upcoming season of The Vampire Diaries and if they will in some weird way include the pregnancy into Candice Accola’s role on the television show. The Vampire Diaries returns to The CW on October 8, and Candice’s character will be front and center of the show after Nina Dobrev left.

According to Julie Plec, executive producer on The Vampire Diaries, Accola’s character Caroline will have a bad run in with villain Lily and her Heretic daughters, Mary-Louie and Nora. Plec added that you will be seeing a lot of fun scenes coming up with Candice Accola as she deals with the new threat on The Vampire Diaries.

“Mary-Louise and Nora are such mean girls. They are hilarious. They out mean-girl Caroline (played by Accola) and they take lots of pleasure in torturing her.”

We should probably pay attention to Candice Accola and Joe King’s Instagram more now since plenty of cute pregnancy and baby photos are soon to follow this amazing announcement.

[Image by Larry Busacca/ Getty Images]