‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Ashley Iaconetti And Chris Bukowski Get Into Twitter Feud

There’s no love lost between Ashley Iaconetti and Chris Bukowski. The two made that clear as Sunday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise aired by tweeting nasty tweets to one another.

Sunday night’s episode showed the arrival of Chris, a Bachelorette alum who has gone on to repeatedly appear on the franchise, to paradise. Instead of talking to the women and getting to know them, Chris spent most of his first day drinking. Some of the other cast members were not amused, including Ashley I., who said that Chris is “freakin gross.”

“Lets talk about Chris for a second, how freakin gross is he? Douchey is just the word.”

After drinking so much that he could barely talk, he asked Tenley Molzahn out. Tenley made it clear to Chris that she had no romantic interest in him. Seeing an opportunity, Joshua Albers asked Chris if he could use his date card. Surprisingly, Chris, seemingly aware that his chances of staying were slim anyways, gave Joshua his date card, effectively guaranteeing his elimination from the show. Joshua asked Tenley out and they enjoyed a nice date.

As the episode aired, Ashley Iaconetti remarked that she couldn’t follow Jared Haibon’s advice to explore other options since Chris Bukowski isn’t exactly a catch.


Chris, none too happy about what Ashley tweeted, lashed back. He remarked that he would never ask Ashley out on a date, no matter how drunk he is.


Ashley immediately replied that she’s glad about that.


Chris Bukowski was one of the final four men on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette. He later went on Bachelor Pad, tried to return to The Bachelorette again on Andi Dorfman’s season, and then was on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise, making his most recent appearance his fifth one on the franchise.

Chris also left Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise prematurely. On that show, Chris, suffering from a leg injury, asked Elise Mosca, with whom he had enjoyed a good date with and who accompanied him to the hospital, to leave the show also and go with him to Chicago. To the surprise of everyone, she agreed. Unfortunately, the romance didn’t last in the real world.

Yet unlike Ashley Iaconetti, Elise still seems to like Chris. As the scene of Chris leaving Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise aired without fanfare, Elise tweeted that it was heartbreaking.


Elise Mosca also retweeted franchise alum Christy Hansen’s tweet that described the editing of Chris Bukowski’s exit, for which the producers had inserted the voices of other people making fun of him, as mean.


[Photo by Jesse Grant / Getty Images]