Tom Brady Sketch Artist Gets Another Chance When QB Appears In Court In Deflategate Case

The woman who drew the now-infamous Tom Brady sketch had another chance to get it right when the New England Patriots quarterback made a court appearance Monday in the continuing so-called Deflategate scandal.

Normally, these legal professionals go mostly unnoticed and work in complete anonymity. When Jane Rosenberg was tasked with drawing Tom Brady during his court appearance earlier this month, the sketch artist never imagined her portrayal would go viral for all the wrong reasons.

There is strong interest in how Deflategate will end and whether the star quarterback will serve a four game suspension, for allegedly instructing ball boys to alter the inflation levels of the footballs he used during the 2014 AFC Championship Game, which his team won convincingly. However, the sketch took on a life of itself.

In case you’re interested in knowing what actually happened in court, U.S. District Court Judge Richard M. Berman announced Monday Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will not settle the case, saying he will announce a ruling as early as Tuesday and no later than Friday, according to ESPN.

However, that may only have been part of the news Monday, many were interested in what the Tom Brady sketch artist would do with the popular quarterback this time. Let’s just say Rosenberg did much, much better to her piece of mind.

The first time around was less than stellar, as proven by all the hateful social media comments she received for this Tom Brady sketch.

Thankfully, she even got a chance to practice for Monday’s appearance as seen in the photo below. During an interview with Mashable, Rosenberg said “it was a nightmare” the first time around with Internet trolls tracking her down and sending her threatening emails.

“Thank god I’m so relieved I never have to sketch him,” said Rosenberg after Monday’s appearance.

The infamous Tom Brady sketch became such a topic of conversation that now, there are at least two Twitter handles boasting the name and, no doubt, the silly incident will live in infamy, with many funny memes making rounds online.

You know what sucks the most about this meme? You called it–he looks better than me. #sketchlife

— Sketch Tom Brady (@sketchtombrady) August 20, 2015

What do you think about the infamous Tom Brady sketch? Did some fans go over the top in harassing Jane Rosenberg?

[Photo via Spencer Platt / Getty Images]