Arizona Mom Drowns Twins: Unstable Woman Drowns Owns Sons To Death Because ‘Nobody Loved Them’

An unstable Arizona mom drowns her own twins because she says that “nobody loved them and nobody loved her.”

Fox News reports that Mireya Alejandra Lopez, 22, drowned her two sons to death, and attempted drowning another child before a family member was able to stop her.

The incident happened on Sunday when authorities were called to Lopez’s home in Avondale around 12:30 p.m. They found both 2-year-old boys lying unconscious on a bed. The twins were rushed to separate hospitals, where they were pronounced dead.

The Arizona mom who drowned the twins is being charged with two counts of homicide and one count of attempted homicide. Her bail is set at $2 million.

The third child wasn’t harmed and fortunately saved by the children’s grandmother — whom 3TV News identifies as Mireya Kissi. She tried saving the twin boys, but was too late. At first, she noticed the boys naked on the bed and unresponsive. It was then that she heard Lopez in the bathroom holding the other child underwater — said to be Lopez’s stepbrother. According to the police statement, the grandmother “had to physically grab (the third boy) away from Ms. Lopez and pick him up to safety.”

A probable cause statement was released on Monday that revealed Lopez took medication for mental health issues.

Another reason that the disturbed mom gave for trying to drown the twins was that they “are bullied [and] are treated differently.” She also told police that she didn’t want her sons growing up and living a difficult life. She feared that they’d live with the same difficulties that she has.

As for the third child that Lopez almost killed, she told authorities that “she was concerned about him as he rarely ate and he was anti-social.”

Sam Avitia, the twins’ father, said he had joint custody and was scheduled to get them Friday. He also said Lopez suffered from depression and anxiety and takes medication. She’d never expressed any threat to anyone and definitely didn’t have any violent tendencies.

The woman gave police details about how she went about drowning her own children — she filled up a bathtub on the second floor of her home before grabbing each of the boys by the back of their necks and submerging them in water. She held them down until they weren’t moving, court documents reveal.

Police say the tub was filled with 5-inches of water at the time of their arrival.

The identities of the twins who were drowned by their mom hasn’t yet been released.

[Photo by Christopher Furlong / Getty Images]