Apple iPhone 6s Leaks Are Bad News For Investors

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) and the iPhone 6s are major topics for investors at the moment. Let’s face it, some of the biggest declines we’ve seen in AAPL as of late have had to do with their ability to sell the iPhone, and with the apple iPhone 6s coming soon, it’s important that investors believe the company will be able to sell the phone. However, leaks surrounding iPhone 6s are starting to be an area of concern for investors.

According to the Independent, the Apple iPhone 6s will cost the same as the previous version of the phone. The iPhone 6s will cost $649 for the 16GB version, but when it comes to the larger storage capacity versions of the iPhone 6s, consumers will have to pay between $749 and $849. However, there won’t be a storage upgrade as previously hoped.

From an investor’s perspective, the Apple iPhone 6s leak is bad news. Unfortunately, worldwide economic conditions, especially conditions in regions that are important for iPhone 6s sales, are not as positive as they were last year.

Investors want to see the Apple iPhone 6s fly off the shelves. However, without reducing the price of the phone in Europe, many investors are starting to wonder whether or not the company will be able to keep the sales climbing. Considering that economic conditions are questionable in the region, coupled with the generally expensive cost of the iPhone 6s, they will surely have trouble keeping up with investor expectations.

According to Invest Correctly, the iPhone 6s leaks came from a Dutch blog. Apple hasn’t confirmed or denied the pricing leak.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6s on September 9 at an event held in San Francisco. Outside of the price leaks, Apple has been incredibly secretive with regard to the new iPhone 6s.

Now that the price leak has made it to the media, investors are wondering what Apple will do as far as benefits of owning the new iPhone 6s are considered. Investors are hoping that, as generally expected from Apple, the company will take the innovation to a new level with the iPhone 6s.

Following the news of the iPhone 6s leak, Apple’s stock is trading down today. As of 3:52 p.m., AAPL is trading at $112.87 after a decline of 0.37 percent so far today. Since the leak of the iPhone 6s price, investors seem to be torn. While some investors believe that the iPhone 6s will have new capabilities that make the price worthwhile, others believe the iPhone 6s price in Europe is likely to hinder sales. Only time will tell.

[Image Credited to Flickranet via Flickr]