San Antonio Highway Closed As Gunman Takes Aim

A stretch of I-35 near San Antonio was closed this morning as officers found themselves in the midst of a standoff with a gunman. According to Fox,the standoff took place between mile markers 84 and 85 around 4 a.m., forcing a shutdown of the San Antonio highway in both directions and causing traffic to back up for several miles.

Officers with both the LaSalle County Sheriff’s Office and the United States Border Patrol were on the scene on the crowded highway near San Antonio. According to KENS 5, the standoff started as the result of the man running from United States Border Patrol agents on the San Antonio highway early Monday Morning.

According to deputies on the scene, the man was stopped by U.S. Border Patrol agents during a routine traffic stop just outside of San Antonio before taking off and leading the chase. During the chase through the crowded San Antonio highway, the suspect’s tire failed when he made the decision to get out of his car and continue running on foot. Deputies on the scene stated that the suspect involved in the standoff currently has an outstanding warrant in Bexar County, the county that encompasses San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Currently, the standoff is still active as the dozens of members of law enforcement local maintain the closure of Interstate 35 and work to coerce the gunman to surrender. San Antonio law enforcement has informed the media that there is currently a negotiator on scene, working with the gunman.

Motorists have been stuck in a standstill on I-35 since 4 a.m., and as of yet, there is no sign that the San Antonio suspect plans to give in any time soon.

According to Fox, drivers commuting the San Antonio highway have posted photos of a man wearing a red shirt and standing in the brush near the roadway to their website. However, San Antonio law enforcement has not confirmed that the man witnessed in the photos is actually the suspect associated with the incident.

While the city is known for basketball, members of the San Antonio community are taking their eyes off the ball and are remaining focused on this developing story. San Antonio law enforcement has not yet informed the media of the name of the suspect or the reason for the suspect’s outstanding warrant. However, if you happen to be stuck in the long-standing traffic jam on I-35 near San Antonio this morning, you may want to get comfortable, as the standoff in San Antonio seems to be nowhere near over.

[Image Credited to Maciel Stanklewicz via Filcr]